100 Doors 2013 Walkthrough – iPad, iPhone and Android - Page 4

100 Doors 2013 level 31. Tilt your device right, then left to remove the bars blocking the door. Tap the small stack of green balls to get one. Select the green ball in your inventory and place it at the top of the blue tube. Hold your device vertically and the green ball will drop to the bottom and press the red button.

Level 32 cheats. Starting from the top left corner of the symbols, follow the arrows to the end. First number is column, second number is row. Press in the order: 21,31,24,15,14,23,33,43,42,32,22.

Level 33. Combine the items on the floor with the tiles on the door.

Level 34. You will see the word DOOR above the door. Pick up the red ball on the floor. Place the red ball in the ring on the right. Tilt your Android device to the left and hold until you hear a sound.

Pull the metal ring down and you will see a code system. You need to spell door with the code. The final code to exit is then: 69911.

Level 35. Like the 90 degree puzzle, here you have to find the 45 degree angles. The solution to open the door is 2824.

Level 36 of 100 Doors 2013. Above the door you will see 114, 213, 413, 211 and 313. These represent columna and row coordinates. 114 is first column and row 4. Then after solving you will get the answer: top left clock tap 12 times, bottom left 6, top right 5 and bottom right 5 times.

Level 37. In the room you will see 4 colors and 4 fish. Catch the fish with the fishing rod as they pass. Enter a code based on the order you catch the fish. Yellow is 2, Green is 3, Blue is 4 and Red is 5. My code was 5324.

Level 38. Playing cards and suits door. Enter the following codes: Heart, 8 and 5 Hearts card. Club, 10 and 8 Clubs card. Heart, Jack and 10 Hearts card. Diamond, Ace and King of Diamonds card. The last code is Spade, King and Queen of spades card.

The code is 61191718.

Level 39. Balls are falling down your screen. Tilt your Android device to move them to the button positions of the green buttons. You will see some shapes and equals one on one of the equations. The equations are counting the number of internal angles in each shape. The final door code is 72112.

Level 40 of 100 Doors 2013. This room contains the clocks again. The different clocks take a different number of taps to do a complete circle. 7,9,10 and 8 for the bottom right clock. Press the top left clock twice, the top right 4 times. Then press the bottom left clock 6 times and lastly the bottom right 3 times.

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  2. I Love my android galaxy III phone . It’s awesome.

  3. I need help with level 38. I’ve used lots of cheats and nothing happens. The keypad isn’t showing up and after I do the second-to-last code, it automatically resets it. I’m not sure if this is normal and I’m stupid, or there is actually something wrong with the application. Please help.
    Thank you,

  4. I need help with level 36.

  5. I need help with 32 I don’t understand the cheat here so please asap :( thanks very much.

  6. 20 new levels added 120 floors
    Level 101 solution touch 3 ornaments on floor. Add red ornament to top ribbon, green goes in middle, blue on bottom. Now starting from the bottom, tap. Each ornament corresponding to the number of ribbons that are facing on the front side. Starting with the blue first, red is last. Ornaments correspond to the stack of presents.

  7. How do you get the wheel two stop to open on level 20 ?.

  8. I’m having trouble with level 24, i know the code, bit nothing seems to happen. Can anyone tell me what i’m doing wrong?? Thanks!!.

  9. I need help in level 32
    please help me please.

  10. My level 13 isn’t like that it has 3 bars with random lines.

  11. I need help with level 39.

  12. May I asking, why lvl 38 should press the code (61191718) after done Playing cards and suits door? If I did not found this cheat how can I solve the code? Or just need to see the cheat only? ..

  13. I am on level 2 in 100 doors 2013 and i can’t see the ball, i have an iPhone and i flipped it but never saw the ball . What should i do?.

  14. I am on level 2 of 100 doors and have an iPhone, i flipped it like i was told but can’t see the ball to use. What should i do?.

  15. This is a topic which is near to my heart…
    Cheers! Where are your contact details though?.

  16. How on earth are you mentioned to know what to do for number 21 I have been stuck on this level for ages and used this as an easy option by nooooo you haven’t even got a answer for that level. At the least I would like you to please make an answer for level 21 thank you.

  17. I think you forgot to put the answer for door 11.