100 Doors of Revenge Walkthrough – iPad, iPhone and Android

100 Doors of Revenge Walkthrough. The 100 Doors of Revenge app was made by Gipnetix games. These solutions for 100 Doors of revenge contain hints, tips and cheats for every level of the game.

Level 1: You will see a hand pressing the button.

Level 2. Press both the left and right buttons at the same time.

Level 3: Place your finger on the start point and slide up to the end point. The door will then open to exit the room.

100 doors of revenge level 4. You will see three targets, a bow and arrow and a button with FIRE!. The trick is to point the bow at the correct color target and press fire. Do this for all the colors, in order you see on the floor. So first point the bow to the blue, tap fire, then the red, tap fire. Continue like this following the pattern on the floor.

Level 5: Above the door is call me: 545-23-23. Tap the number pad on the side of the door to open it. Enter the number you are given, no tricks here.

Level 6: Upside down is above the door. Turn your device upside down and the door will open.

Level 7 of 100 doors of revenge answers. Shake, shake, shake is written on the wall. Shake your device three times and a vase will drop with a key. Pick up the key and use it to open the door.

Level 8: A glowing blue hand print is on the wall. Tap and hold the print for three seconds. Each second you will see the light increase.

Level 9: 4 6 2 and 0. A duck boat, a bus, a car and a bicycle. The car goes to the top left, bus to top right. Bottom left is the bicycle and bottom right is the duck or swan boat.

Level 10: A red fire hydrant near the door. Slide the wheelbarrow on the right over to the fire hydrant. Tap the bucket to pick it up, then use it on the water from the fire hydrant. Tap the key once you have the full bucket selected to open the door.

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