100 Doors of Revenge Walkthrough – iPad, iPhone and Android

Level 11: Green monkey level of 100 doors of revenge app. Above the money on the wall is BONUS GAMES. Tilt your device the side and the hand will move. If you tap the screen the hand will pick things up. Pick up the toys in the following order: Left teddy, third teddy, blue teddy, right teddy and finally the second thing. It will be hiding a key under it. Use this key to open the door.

Level 12: Red lasers and blue circles. Move the middle red piece above the blue piece that is above the door. Move one of the end red pieces below the lowest blue piece. So now you will have all three of the left blue circles covered. Move the other red end piece so the red line covers the last blue piece.

Level 13: Some star symbols appear above a door with two chairs. The pattern you need for the three rows is as follows. Top row is star, point, star, point, orange star. Second row, orange, point, point, star, star. For the last row move it until you see star, point, orange, point, star, point, point, point.

Level 14. Tap the hammer on the right near the sword. Select the hammer you just picked up and tap the crack above the sword. This will make light stream into the room. Tap just under the crack you used the hammer on to pick up another piece of something. Select this piece and tap the big rock to open the door.

Level 15 of 100 doors of revenge. Blow me away is above the door. Shake your device and the red box will fall down. Pick it up, then the c4 from the shelf. If you tap the sign you will get a piece of string. Place the c4 first at the bottom middle of the door. Then select the string and tap the c4. Then select the red box and place that at the other end of the string. Then tap the plunger on the red box and it will open the door.

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