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How To Write Better Articles

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How to write better articles

On a scale of 1 to 10, I’d say my writing is now at 5.  Maybe 6 at it’s best.  It started last month at around a 1.  Yes it really was that bad.  Bad enough to get this website banned from Reddit!

Now I’d argue my writing is at least passable.  This is great and was the goal of this website.  Achievement unlocked.

There’s two main techniques I used to become a better writer. Continue reading

Groupon IPO Tanking Ahead – Will Google or Facebook Save Groupon First?

PREDICTION: Google or Facebook buy Groupon post-IPO at a significant discount on its current ridiculous $1 billion valuation.

The set up:

I signed up to Groupon last year and stupidly gave them my main email address for what was quite a nice offer.  Half price dinner for two at a local restaurant.  After that, I opened a few of the offer emails they sent me every few days.  Some were of interest, but mostly were just noise.

Over time this just got worse. Continue reading

Selling Apple Stock

When selling a stock I like to have a variety of reasons to support my decisions.

Here’s why I sold out my AAPL stock today.

We’d all like to think Apple makes its money on software and not hardware, but that’s not looking at the bigger picture. Continue reading