Badly Drawn Faces Quiz Answers – iPad, iPhone and Android - Page 6

If you know the answers with ??? leave a comment below and I’ll add it to the Badly Drawn Faces guide!.

Badly Drawn Faces Squid Pad. Answers for squid pad from Blue and Ross in the comments. Squid Pad is now complete, all answers and cheats here.

Ronald Reagan
Big bird
Alice Cooper. With the scary eye makeup.
Mother Theresa
Phineas Flynn. I just kept searching for triangle head cartoon!
Stewie Griffin
Moe Howard. The guy with the helmet.
Patrick Star. From Spongebob squarepants.
Severus Snape
Pope Benedict XVI.
Bill Murray. The guy from Ghostbusters and Groundhog day.
Burger King
Whoopi Goldberg. She changed her name to Goldberg to be succesful in Hollywood. It worked.
Pippi Longstocking. Ponytails sticking up.
Tiger Woods. Lucky guess!
Keith Richards. Hat, looks like an older Willy Wonka.
Tim Burton
Worf. From Star Trek.
The Riddler.
Alfalfa – Pochantos face with black point. It’s the character Carl Switzer played in the movie “Our Gang”.
Arnold Shortman. From hey arnold.
Gene Shalit
Dagwood Bumstead. The cartoon boy face.
Conan o’Brien
Ellen Degeneres
Yoko Ono. Long dark haired female.
Danny Devito
George Clooney
Ren – Flying alien thing? It’s Ren, from Ren and Stimpy.
Mr Clean
Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis
Silent Bob
Yanni. Cheeky smile, 80’s prawns.
Snoop Dogg
Teddy Roosevelt. Guy with the monocle glasses.
Daffy Duck
Lone Ranger
Rocket J. Squirrel. Looked like a sponge to me.

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82 Responses to Badly Drawn Faces Quiz Answers – iPad, iPhone and Android - Page 6

  1. On the Squid pad, you don’t have George Clooney, Gene Shalit, Alice Cooper.

  2. Squid Pad:
    -Mother Theresa
    -Teddy Roosevelt

  3. Flatfish:
    -Amelia Earhart
    -Toucan Sam
    -Jim Carey.

  4. Cod Pad:
    -Strawberry Shortcake
    -Forrest Gump
    -Ghost Rider
    -Ugly Betty.

  5. Halibut-
    -Speed Racer
    -Bob the Builder
    -Justin Beiber
    -Drew Carey.

  6. Halibut missed:

  7. Wolffish Pad-
    -Hamburger Helper
    -Peter Pan
    -Puss in Boots
    -Cat in the Hat
    -Sarah Jessica Parker
    -Mary J Blige
    -Pink Panther
    -King Kong
    -Queen of Hearts.

  8. Sea Lion Pad-
    -Taylor Swift
    -Beetle Bailey
    -Charlie Sheen
    -Billy Mays
    -Jimmy Neutron

  9. I have three left on squid pad. A wierd rabbit looking cartoon, a man with dark long hair and mustache, and a girl that looks somewhat like pocahontas but isnt.

    • Weird rabbit= Ren
      dark hair, mustache= im not sure which one you are talking about, try Yanni
      Pocahontas = yoko ono

      Hope that helps.

  10. Squid Pad :
    rocky (the squirel)
    george clooney
    alice cooper
    moe (3 stooges)
    mother teressa
    Keith richards
    gene shalit.

  11. Jim Carey, syndrome, Morgan freeman, rocky balboa, Tuscan Sam,.

  12. Sea lion
    George Jefferson
    Betty white
    Gerard Depardieu
    Aang (airbender)
    Dick tracy
    Jimmy neutron
    Bette midler
    Genghis Khan
    Frida Kahlo
    Charlie sheen
    Martin Luther king jr
    Kenny G
    Beetle Bailey
    Adrien Brody
    mr bean
    Taylor swift
    larry bird
    Billy mays
    John denver
    Liza Minnelli
    steve martin
    mahmoud ahmadinejad
    Captain planet
    peter jackson.

    • Thanks Ross! Wolffish is currently the biggest hole. 19 remaining…any tips?.

      • Yeah sure, ones that aren’t on your list and not in comments are:
        Dennis Hopper
        Richard Branson
        Zack galifianakis
        Admiral ackbar
        Walter cronkite
        Cyndi lauper
        Eddie munster
        Boy George
        Robert Smith
        Apolo anton ohno
        John madden
        Sammy davis jr
        Foghorn leghorn
        Heath ledger
        Lionel Richie

        I may have missed one or two though.

        • Thanks again. I just did a huge update with yours and Jess’s answers. 50 left to find in the last few pads.

          • Cuttle fish
            George lucas

            Yoko ono
            Keith Richards
            Teddy Roosevelt
            Alice Cooper
            Gene Shalit
            Dagwood bumstead
            Mother Teresa

            Flat fish
            John Mccain
            Jim Morrison
            Master Chief
            Michael jordon
            Michael moore
            Black Knight
            Morgan Freeman

            Harvey Birdman
            Vincent Van Gogh
            Rodney Dangerfield
            Ghost Rider
            Ray charles
            Lucille ball
            Aunt jermima
            Nick cage
            Will I am
            Stephen king
            Mick Jagger
            Dr teeth
            Larry King
            Forrest gump
            Clark gable

            Joan Rivers
            Oprah Winfrey
            Spike lee
            Astro boy
            Richard nixon
            Vladimir putin
            Farrah Fawcett
            Cheech Marin

            There are some more for you.

  13. Flatfish pad help 32/40
    guy with glasses and bald (cartoon)
    messy hair and sunglasses male
    weird mullet guy
    wide eyes thin lips black goofy hair
    old guy with combover and round glasses
    long shaggy hair and mustache
    scrunched face big eyebrows
    some asian with long hair and headband.

    • Guy with glasses and bald (cartoon)= bunsen honeydew
      messy hair and sunglasses male= bob dylan
      weird mullet guy= inigo montoya
      wide eyes thin lips black goofy hair= andy kaufman
      old guy with combover and round glasses= george burns
      long shaggy hair and mustache= little richard
      scrunched face big eyebrows= jim carry or jeff goldblum
      some asian with long hair and headband= not sure, try Amelia earhart.

  14. Capelin

    Vincent price
    Gilbert Gottfried
    Andy Pipkin
    Bob Ross
    Bob hope
    David Crosby


    Sammy Davis Jr
    Heath Ledger
    apolo anton ohno
    Robert Smith
    Buddy the elf

    sea lion

    George Jefferson
    betty white
    Kenny g
    That should be the last of them.

    • Thanks for those final Capelins Ross-o. Guide is now complete guys!

      Thanks to all those who contributed: Ross, Jess, Blue, Adria, Anony, Klee, Kara, Madi, Carlee, Howie, Beth, Heather, Bryony, Brittlyn, Maria, Emily, Goose, Sarah, Miranda, Ashley, Bobby Jones, Chantel, Ben, Betty Lout and of course, Nerdr! (Sorry if I missed anyone, leave a comment to this and I’ll add you).

  15. Cuttlefish Pad
    The one you are missing is George Lucas (:.

  16. Cuttlefish pad:
    Humphrey bogart
    Frozone-from the incredibles.

  17. I have one guy on the squid pad I don’t know. Who he is he looks like a vampire or someone from kiss or a goth person.

  18. You forgot Nicolas cage.

  19. Ana Elisa Ventura

    Regarding your info in Squid Pad:
    Moe Howard. The guy with the helmet.

    Just to let you know, that was not a helmet. That was the hair of the character.

  20. Nicholas Cage.

  21. You miss NICHOLAS CAGE.

  22. Why are they not in order? What the point if they are not?
    Just saying but it is no help to me because I don’t know them and to see it looking like that it is hard to find out.

    • You’re right faithcai, I think it is a trick the developers used to stop people cheating. I should have added descriptions, but it is too late to add them meow.

      Also, the guide is mostly for people wanting to find some missing faces, not all the faces.