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Badly Drawn Faces Quiz walkthrough and answers guide for the iPad, iPhone and Android devices. The Badly Drawn Faces app is created by Sporcle games. This guide for Badly Drawn Faces contains tips and hints to help complete the famous … Continue reading

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82 Responses to Badly Drawn Faces Quiz Answers – iPad, iPhone and Android - comment page 1

  1. Nerdr on shrimp pad between tony the tiger and colonel sanders is chuck norris.

  2. Last guy on shrimp pad is pee wee herman.

    – Ben.

  3. On algae between tin man and Sherlock Holmes is Donald trump and the last one is shrek.

  4. Sorry I don’t have the order they go in but on krill pad 5 of the faces are captain jack sparrow, Stephen Colbert, kook aide man, Lebrun James, and ms. Frizzle. Hopefully this helps a bit.

  5. The last one is shrek.

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  7. After Gautama Buddha on plankton pad are hulk hogan and them predator.

    • Ashley! That’s not the order in my game…hmm…could the game be showing the pictures randomly for everyone?

      I made the guide in the order I saw them in the app so can anyone confirm if they are seeing the same order?.

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  9. The guy with the cigarete is fidel castro.

    • Omg! I knew it was a south american dictator but couldn’t remember who had that cap. I guessed gadafi, hugo, che again…then hit a blank. Thank you Sarah!.

  10. Gene Simmons on the second level.

  11. Krill Pad 4 = nelson mandela

    and the weird alien thing is ‘alien’ or ‘xenomorph’.

  12. Groucho Marx
    Jerry Garcia
    Mark twain
    Elton John

    **krill pad**.

  13. Hiya, the monkey on krill pad is; donkey kong. 😉 hope this helped!!.

  14. It goes mr. Peanut first, then Hulk Hogan, then Morpheus, then woody then Steve Urkle, after robocop it’s Slash, after Ash it’s the Dalai Lama, after Oliver Hardy its Gromet, before Cartman it’s Ziggy, after spongebob it’s Bert, after Wolverine it’s Edward Scissorhands.

  15. Slash.

  16. The rest of the answers are:
    -Borat Sagdiyev
    -Jimi Hendrix
    -Dwight Schrute
    -Steve Urkel
    -Edward Scissorhands
    -Dalai Lama
    -John Lennon
    -Mr Peanut
    -Alfred Hitchcock
    -Frank Zappa.

  17. beth higginbotham

    Beaker, David Letterman, gumby, johnney bravo, optimus prime, eddie murphy.

  18. beth higginbotham

    Shrimp pad is what my answers were for….

  19. Missing from Shrimp Pad:
    -Martin Scorsese
    -Kurt Cobain
    -Jolly Green Giant
    -Muhammad Ali
    -Mike Tyson
    -The Beast
    -Freddie Mercury
    -Dennis Rodman
    -David Letterman
    -Napolean Dynamite
    -Darth Maul
    -Sigmund Freud
    -Curious George
    -Yasser Arafat.

  20. Missing Name From Plankton pad!
    Dalai lama, Frank Zappa, edward scissorhands, Ziggy, Woody, alfred Hitchcock, Jimi Hendrix, Borat Sagdiyev, John Lennon, Slash, Morpheus, Dwight Schrute, Steve Urkel, Hellboy, Gromit.

    • Thanks Howie you’re a star! Plankton pad remaining:

      Weird thing with top hat and monocle.

      Asian guy with big square glasses.

      Guy with small round glasses and long straight hair.


  21. On Colin pad you don’t have bruno mars, barney fife, space ghost, death, papa smurf, bill cosby, Barbara streisand, Steven spielberg, rasputin, wierd al, ring starr, Hitler, Helena bonham carter, Sarah palin, Indiana Jones, Steven segal, quentin tarantino, Jake sully, voldemort, snow white, Charlie brown, tom selleck, johnny cash, and Salvador dali.

  22. The nerd with the big glasses and squinty smile on the plankton pad is Steve urkel.

  23. On the Cuttlefish pad there is Shaquille, Frozone, Fat Albert, Flava Flav, Russel Brand, Amy Winehouse and Peter Griffin.

  24. On Squid Pad you forgot Mr. Clean, Danny Devito, Ronald Reagan, Pope Benedict XVI, Keith Richards, Snoop Dogg, Pippi Longstocking, Severus Snape, Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Tim Burton, Burger King, and Chewbacca.

  25. Missing From Plankton Pad:
    -Steve Urkle
    -John Lennon
    -Condoleezza Rice
    -Mr. Peanut
    -Oliver Hardy.

  26. Rafael nadal, Willie Nelson, bono, Louie Armstrong, Humphrey bogart, Susan Boyle,Joseph Stalin,ice t,Michael Myers.. That’s it except for the guy with the big face and glasses.

  27. The guy with the big face on the Cuttlefish pad is George Lucas.