Diamond Penthouse Escape 2 Walkthrough - Page 2

Use the allen wrench from earlier to open the back of the clock on the fireplace.  Tap the clock in Diamond Penthouse Escape 2 to turn it round.  You get a diamond and the blue key.

Pinch in to the cabinet to the side of the television with the 4 golden holes.  These are keyholes.  Enter the keys in the color order of the television screen.  Red key, green key, blue key, yellow key.  The lid is unlocked.  Pick up your 4 free diamonds!  Nerdr.com.  Pick up the diamond on the couch.

The lower right drawer pattern is the same as the shelf you see near this drawer.  Enter it as the code by rotating the pieces to make the pattern.  You will get a diamond and the eyepiece for the telescope.

Place the eyepiece on the telescope and tap to zoom in.  You will see a girl with 4 bubbles.  small, large, middle and tiny.

Return to the cabinet with the keys and enter this code on the top drawer with the circles.  You get a diamond and the darts.

Diamond Penthouse Escape 2 darts are in the bubble code drawer. To get the darts enter the bubble code above into this drawer.

Zoom in to the dart board and pick up the diamond.  Use the darts on the board to throw them.  Zoom in to see where they hit.  Double 4, Triple 9 and 6.  Multiple all these to get: 1296.

Back to the key cabinet, enter 1296 as the code.  Diamond Penthouse Escape 2 app.  Open to get the screwdriver and diamond.

Near the door is a small vent panel.  Use the screwdriver on this to open.  Get the diamond and final cog.  you now have all 4 cogs.

Near the door is a key box.  Open this key box and you will see 4 dots inside.  This is where you place the cogs, but it is also a puzzle.  First, place all 4 cogs in the machine.  Then, make the top cog light green by pressing the bar at the bottom to turn the cogs.  Once the top gear is green note its position.  Note also the position of green for all the other cogs.  From top to bottom:  right, down, left, up.  The best way to solve the puzzle is to count the number of taps you need to make it green from a given position and do the lowest gear last.

You will unlock the door!  but wait…it’s a closet.  Nerdr.com.

Turn around and tap the telescope to pick it up.  Tap the middle window and you hurl the telescope through the window!

You think about jumping, but decide not to…

Tap the armchair couch near the fireplace.  Under the middle cushion is a parachute.  I don’t know why…just go with it :)

Back to the window and out you go!  The parachute has an English flag…I don’t know why.  You will hit a cat when you reach the street and hear the sound.

The end of Diamond Penthouse Escape 2.

Diamond Penthouse Escape 2
by Nerdr,
October 7, 2012


I enjoyed this game and it was free. 4.5/5 because Diamond Penthouse Escape 2 was free and a great little time wasting puzzler. Time to complete Diamond Penthouse Escape 2 and create this walkthrough was 1 hour.

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