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Logo Quiz Ultimate Answers – iPad, iPhone and Android

Logo Quiz Ultimate Answers by Sebastian Willkomm. This walkthrough covers cheats for the Logo Quiz Ultimate stages and levels. Cheats, hints and tips are in the walkthrough guide and every answer is given. I hope these solutions are useful to you and you find the Logo Quiz Ultimate answers useful. Logo Quiz Ultimate is created by SymblCrowd developers.

Note there are two Logo Quiz Ultimate versions. This guide is for the Sebastian Willkomm version for iPhone and iPad. The Android version of Logo Quiz Ultimate is different and is split into sections called levels. Each level of Logo Quiz Ultimate contains 50 logos to guess the answer to.

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Logo Quiz Ultimate Answers Level 1. These are the solutions for Logo Quiz Ultimate Level 1.

Tom Tailor
Pizza Hut. I thought this was KFC first.
Nestle. Be careful! Read about the Nestle baby milk scandal in Africa, then never buy Nestle products again.
Mercedes-Benz. They make cars in Germany.
Puma. I guessed slazanger first.
Adidas. Spelling Adidas is hard, one d after the a or two together?
Tommy Hilfiger. A brand of clothing from the 90s.
Pepsi. Pepsi is the main competition to coke. Pepsi is sweeter than coke.
Shell. The oil giant.
Wikiversity. This is where you pay money for in game hints because no one will ever get this!
Burger King
LG Electronics. I will never buy LG products! They have planned obsolescence which means they break just when the warranty ends. Never buy LG, even if it looks cheaper.
Rolex. Watch company, popular in the 80s and 90s.
Foot Locker
Microsoft Windows. I have Windows7, should I upgrade to Windows 8? People are saying it’s not worth it. Leave a comment.
Jack Wolfskin
QVC. The shopping channel.
ICQ. You can tell the guys who made this app are programmers! Sebastian Willkomm.
Nike. If you needed this one you are a spoon.
Alfa Romeo
Mcdonalds. Watch super size me.
Levi Strauss & Co.
Apple. Makers of the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

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Logo Quiz Ultimate Answers Level 2.

SEAT. Pronounced Sea-at.
Tux. Logo of the Linux community.
Mozilla Thunderbird
Unilever. Unilever make shampoo and soap.
Samsonite. Luggage company.
London Underground.
Hard Rock Cafe
Deutsche Bank
Hilton. I got the penthouse room in the Hilton Paris for $50 one time! Late booking.
Vans. Vans make skater shoes. They should also make bandaids, and knee pads. You know why.
Asus. Seriously, how are we supposed to get this Logo Quiz Ultimate answer?
Hugo Boss. What do these guys do? I think low-end perfumes?
Armani. Although Armani quality is down, it is still my favorite clothing brand. Leave yours in the comments below.
Ray-Ban. Only popular because of Men in Black.
Red Bull
Peugeot. Car maker in Europe.

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Diamond Penthouse Escape 2 Walkthrough

Diamond Penthouse Escape 2 walkthrough and guide for the iPad, iPhone and Android devices. The Diamond Penthouse Escape 2 app is created by TeraLumina Games. This guide for Diamond Penthouse Escape 2 contains hints and tips for completing the puzzles, there are many spoilers and cheats.

If you are looking for the solution to Diamond Penthouse Escape 1 you can find it here.

Welcome to the complete Diamond Penthouse Escape 2 guide and walkthrough for iPad, iPhone and Android.

TeraLuminas Diamond Penthouse Escape 2 Walkthrough.

You leave the original Diamond Penthouse through the secret exit and find yourself stuck in another room!

There’s no going back, but at least there are more diamonds around.  Can you find a way out and leave with all the diamonds?

Nice, Diamond Penthouse 2 contains music.

Zoom in on the photo frame above the fireplace.  Tap the frame edges in the following order:  Left, right, top, bottom.  The picture is unlocked.

Move down to the clock on the fireplace, pick up the white diamond.

Turn and zoom in on the left couch.  Under the brown left pillow is a Bic lighter.  There are diamonds under the right cushion, and in the bowl.

Zoom in to the globe on the side of the Television.  Pick up the allen wrench and the diamonds on the left and right.

On the right of the television screen is a strangely shaped bookcase.  Tap the book part here to find a diamond and the dart board scoring system.  Zoom in to find a diamond on the shelf.

Zoom in on the small tree drawer on the right of the television.  Pick up the two diamonds.  USe the lighter from the couch to light the candle.  Pick up the yellow key.

To the left of the fireplace is a set of 4 pictures on the wall.  Note these positions and enter them on the small wooden box near the door.  Mid, low, mid, high.  Get the hammer and diamond.

Use the hammer on the bench to reveal a secret number code.  IX, III, IV, VI.  That is roman numerals for 9,3,4,6.

The telescope is missing the eyepiece.

Diamond Penthouse Escape 2.  Enter this roman numerals code under the globe.  Inside is a gear and the red key.

Move to the 4×4 bookcase near the fireplace.  One diamond near the top left wine bottle, another inside vase at the top.  final diamond inside bowl on row 3.  Box on lowest shelf contains a television remote.  The remote needs batteries.

Note the position and number of the wine bottles on the 4×4 shelf.  Top left is 1, then 3rd row-3rd column has two bottles, then 2×2, then 4×1, then 2×4.  Enter this in the safe above the fireplace.  if the columns are labelled 1 to 4 and rows are labelled 1 to 4, then press in the following order: (First is row, second is column 1×1,3×3,2×2,4×1,2×4.  The safe is unlocked!  Pick up the green key, two diamonds and the gear.

The Diamond Penthouse Escape 2 green key is in the safe behind the picture. The safe is above the fireplace. The code for the safe is the position and count of wine bottles on the four by four shelf. Inside the safe is the green key.

Use the hammer on the glass cabinet near the telescope to get a diamond.  Behind the picture is a gear.  Inside the top left bowl is 2 batteries.

Go to the lower shelf box on the 4×4 shelf and “use” the batteries on the remove.  The batteries will be placed into the remote.  Now pick up the remote control.

Use the remove control on the LCD television to see the colors:  red, green, blue, yellow.  Pick up two diamonds here.

The Room Walkthrough and Guide – iPad, iPhone and Android

The Room walkthrough and guide for the iPad, iPhone and Android devices. The Room app is created by Fireproof Games and Fireproof Studios Ltd.  This guide for The Room contains hints and tips for completing the puzzles, there are spoilers.

Leave a comment below if you know the solution to a puzzle that’s missing!

Welcome to the complete The Room guide and walkthrough for iPad, iPhone and Android.

When you first start The Room app you will see the tutorial page.  Tap the screen to begin.  Swipe your finger on screen to move to the envelope on top of the mysterious box.  Double tap the envelope and slide the letter out of the envelope.

You came.

I knew your curiosity would get the better of you.  Please excuse the mess.  My housekeeper abandoned me shortly after the rest of the world.

The answers you seek are inside this box; along with something else.  Something they said could never be built.  It is the only one in existence, and it is the key to incomprehensible power.  This safe was constructed to keep it from lesser minds.  I have every faith in ou solving its mysteries.  You always were the smart one.

With the enclosed key I gift you one parting favor.  Keep this eyepiece with you always.  Without it, you are as blind as the rest.

The stakes are higher than you could possible imagine.


Tap the key to collect it and start your The Room puzzle journey!  It is a small brass key with an animal motif.

Rotate the lid of the tub to align the keyhole as it says and drag the key into the keyhole.  Rotate the key and open the lid.

Inside the tub you will find the curious eyepiece and a letter.  Feed me and I shall survive, Give me drink and I shall die.  Answer and solution is on the next line.

Answer to “Feed me and I shall survive, Give me drink and I shall die.” is Fire!  zoom out of the top of the table and swipe to the box legs.  Notice that they have a symbol on them.  Find the fire symbol, then pinch and zoom in to it.  Fire is the answer because wood feeds it, and water puts it out.

Push the fire symbol in to reveal a peculiar old key.  Take a closer look at this key and you will see you can turn it.

Move to the box sides and you will see a tiny sliding component on some of the sides.  Move the small sliding compartment to reveal a keyhole.  This is what the key fits into.

On the “fire” leg side enter the key to reveal the ornately engraved metal plate.  The end can be used as a wrench.

Move to the side of the box with the plate on it.  It says “The world renowned TALISMAN Est. 1807, guaranteed thief and fire proof from Bespoke safes for the gentry.  It is from Guildford in England.   Notice the small star screw on the right side.

Attach the wrench to the screw and rotate anti clockwise to loosen and show the lens!  Fit the lens to the eyepiece and it will reveal the hidden markings on everything…scary stuff guys!

Perfect Escape 3 Walkthrough

Perfect escape 3 walkthrough.

Today I downloaded Perfect Escape 3 by Flyhill games from the App store, so here’s the walkthrough for everyone like last time. Perfect escape 3 is an escape the room style game, with realistic 3D modelled graphics.

Previous episodes in the series:
Perfect Escape 1 walkthrough
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Perfect Escape 3 walkthrough

You start perfect escape 3 with a set of tools in the psych room, and that’s where we’ll start this guide.

Get the musical note from the table.

A bottle of Gucci perfume near the left books on the bookshelf.

Use tools on locked door and solve the spot the difference minigame to unlock it. Left house, right red house, bottom flower, right cloud, top left sparkle part.

In wood room with big window and clock tower, on screen with shelves and wine bottles, on the left there is a wooden circle like in perfect escape 2. Check it to get orange juice. On this same screen is a hammer in the second drawer from the left at the bottom.

From TV room, unlock perfect escape 3 bath room.

Go back and unlock the door leading to the bedroom using the tools as before.

Enter bedroom. Under bedside drawer, there is a golden key. Also take TV remote control from on top of the bedside drawer.

In bedroom on left side there is a fake wall. Use hammer on it to see hidden cheerleader behind bars! Ethan is crazy. She asks for a drink.

Give her orange juice. Her name is Sara and she is still thirsty.

Go to bathroom. Use gucci spray bottle on mirror screen to unlock code in roman numerals. V is a 5 and add 1 for each I.enter the code in the television to u lock the cabinet drawer. Pick up the revolver.

In Television room, on the screen with the 1,2,3 Images. Under the left cushion, on the small lamp side. Touch there to zoom in and get the small silver key.

Use silver key when zoomed in to the wood circle to get coffee.

Return to bedroom and give coffee to Sara. Now she’s hungry! So let’s get her something to eat…

Place hammer on wooden circle in television room to get the delicious Raspberry cake. Give the raspberry cake to Sara. She mentions a secret passage which you’ll see hidden in white on the map screen. She won’t tell you how to get it until you feed her more. Ungrateful!

Place the musical notes on the wooden circle to get the coffee jam cake. Give it to Sara for the metal ring-pull in return.

Place yellow key on wooden teleport circle. It vanishes.

Use ring-pull on left hand side of cabinet under mirror in bathroom to hear an unlocking sound in the other room. You must place yellow key on wooden circle thing before you can attach the ring-pull. No idea why…

Go back to the television room to see your new door. Unlock using the tools and complete mildly unusual find the difference game. Theres no penalty, so just keep tapping if you get stuck.

Once unlocked, enter the door to reappear in the level from Perfect Escape 2!

Use tools to unlock door beside cake counter top.

On your middle of the top shelf on the bookcase, in the cafe room, you will zoom in on the basket to get a bullet.

Now go to the door with the eyehole. Tap on the eyehole to look through…tap again for dialog. No spoiler here. Now the door should open.

Use revolver to handle the situation. Instant stand up and time to get outta here! Grab the hacksaw in the cupboard on the lower right, under the smashed glass cupboard.

Use hacksaw on Sara to free her.

Leave using the white door in the starting room.

Perfect escape 3 walkthrough and guide completed! I can’t be the only one looking forward to part 4!

Perfect escape 3 review

Perfect escape 3 is an awesome game. Play it for the loose, curve ball story. The Detailed 3D model graphics make perfect escape 3 a very nice looking game. The game is translated from Mandarin Chinese, hence the English is way off base, but this adds to the weird roller-coaster storyline.

The puzzles in Perfect Escape 3 are perfectly balanced. Not too easy and not too difficult, unlike the cake puzzle of perfect escape 2 which was practically impossible to complete without trying every combination of items!

Each game of perfect escape so far has built upon the puzzles in previous games. So in 3 we see the coffee shop from 2. We also help the character in perfect escape 2 escape in 3, partially solving the mystery of the wooden circle in the kitchen.

In conclusion, I would recommend Perfect Escape 3 with 5/5 stars if you love using your imagination and weird story-lines. 3/5 if you don’t. The graphics give perfect escape 3 that extra edge in recommendation, keeping it above other simple escape the room style games.

Macbook Pro or iMac for programming?

Macbook pro with Apple cinema display or iMac for programming? Which is the best setup?

With the new Apple iMac and fresh macbook pro due for release any week now I’ve decided it’s time to upgrade my programming setup. It’s either macbook pro + Apple cinema display or 27″ iMac.

Windows is not allowed because I hobby program for IOS, so it has to be a mac unfortunately. Mac mini is out due to being underpowered and needing to buy a monitor separately, making it similar in price to just getting an iMac. Macbook air is out because the screen only comes in 11 and 13 inches. Too small for the multiple windows required for programming.

Macbook pro costs $1600.
Cinema display $800.
IMac $1800.

$2000 is maximum happy spend, $2500 would feel too much for what i’m getting and at that price It’s worth dropping the mac requirement and getting a very serious power rig on windows.

It’s a tough decision, but for future reference to my future self, here’s a few key decision factors to help me decide:

  • Macbook pro does not have home/end/page up/page down keys on the keyboard.
  • iMac has a glossy screen which means headaches if near a window.
  • 27″ iMac is not portable, so no programming on the beach or balcony or garden. No holiday programming either.