Dooors Levels 61-75 Walkthrough

Dooors Level 61-75 Walkthrough, Cheats and Answers. Dooors is created by 58works. This Dooors guide contains hints, tips and cheats for solving levels 61 to level 75. There are spoilers to the Doooors game, so be careful!

Dooors Level 61 Solution. Tap on the left and right bed in the order given by the dots near the door. L is for left, R is for right. The exit code is then: LRLLLRL.

Dooors Level 62 Answer. Quickly tap the lights from top left all the way down. Then right, then up. Basically, follow the line of lights starting with the top left light.

Dooors Level 63 Cheats. Tap the tree on the right side to get a spade. Select the spade and dig on the left patch of soil. Pick up the key that appears in the soil hole. Tap on the left plant to move it left. Keep tapping until it moves all the way off the screen. Use the key you picked up on the left keyhole that way behind the plant. Exit the room using the door.

Dooors Level 64 Walkthrough. A big red ball is on the screen. Turn your iPod, iPhone or Android device upside down to lose the ball. Notice the marking on the wall near the door. you have to press the tiles that match these markings. With the device upside down, let’s call the the top row 1 and the top left squares column: column 1. The tiles to hit are then: Row 2, column 2. Row 3 column 6 and finally row 6 column 0!

Dooors Level 65 Guide. Select the gun from your inventory and hit the moving target four times. Now touch the colors in the order of the spiral, from outside in. So the colors to hit are: red, blue, yellow, blue. then hit green, red and yellow.

Doors Level 66 Walkthrough. Use the spade on the pile of mud. Notice that the symbol above the door looks like a phone keypad. What are the marked symbols?! The bottom left is the star icon and the right icon is the hash. The hash is also called the criss-cross pattern. Nerdr. The left symbol could also be called a 3 crossed lines mark.

Dooors Level 67 Answers. Slide the right blue icon up to position 3. Slide the left red icon up to position 6. A ball will fall to the floor. Move your iPhone, iPad or Android device left and right to hit the side boxes and move them. Keep tilting your device left and right, hitting the side boxes each time unti the door opens. Do it quickly, you will see the lights above the door change each time you hit a box.

Dooors Level 68 Cheats. Pick up the item on the floor. Use the sledgehammer you have in your inventory to hit the risen block. Tap on the key in the new block and use it to open the door and exit, satisfied that you have the solution using this Dooors Walkthrough.

Dooors Level 69 Walkthrough. Shake your device hard when the moving red light hits the markings. Do this six times.

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