Dooors Levels 61-75 Walkthrough - Page 2

Dooors Level 70. Select your weapon and tap on all the screw holes on the left square. There are four in total. This will reveal a square shape. Deselect the weapon and set the dice by tapping on them to the following code. The dice code for Level 70 of Dooors is 4,5 and 6,0.

Dooors cheats Level 72. The motorbikes are color coded. The color codes are, from left to right: blue, black, white and red.

Dooors Level 72. There are two tiles on the floor with a white color. Tap these tiles with your left and right fingers as quickly as possible until the purple bar fills all the way.

Dooors Level 73. Attach the part you picked up in Level 68 to the rocket. Use the match to light the rocket. You will see four clocks on screen. Set their position to the following. Top left: black line facing top left. Bottom left, facing bottom left. Top right facing top right and bottom right facing bottom right.

Dooors Level 74 Solution. Tap lights 1,3 and 5. Then hit the main red light you see on the wall. Tap the door to open it and see the rock. Tilt your iPhone, iPad or Android device to the right to slide the rock off screen and exit the room.

Dooors Level 75 Walkthrough. Tap the orange box in the bottom left. It will move and reveal a button. hit the button and colors will drop from the top of the screen. Select your gun and shoot them in the color of the tower statue on the floor. Green, Red, Blue, Yellow and finally purple. Tap the door to open it. Slide the next door up to open that. Then use the sledgehammer to move the planks of wood out of the way.

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