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222 Responses to Fix for If This Is Your First Time Using Uplay On This Computer You Need To Login At Least Once Before Using Offline Mode - comment page 6

  1. Thanks man it worked.

  2. THANKS!.

  3. Thank you! Worked like charm!.

  4. Thank you very much!.

  5. Thanks, man.

  6. Thanks!!.

  7. Nice one. Cheers.

  8. GREAT~! Thx!.

  9. Thanks so much.

  10. THANKS!!!!!!!!!.

  11. THANK UU !!! <333333333333.

  12. Thank you, what a terrible setting for Uplay to have by default….

  13. Thanks dude.

  14. Thank you. Stupid ubi for setting that to be checked.

  15. Thanks, top search on Google for this issue and fixed it immediately.

  16. Wtf, thank you, neverminded :D.

  17. NescalMarcelo

    IT WORKED! FROM BRAZIL(dont say hue :( ).

  18. Put your antivirus off… it would also work..

    I disabled norton and it works immediately..

  19. Thanks!!!.

  20. Worked very well..Thanks man! Whoever designed the installer needs some more schooling….

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    tese are the cool sites for cool peoples !!!!!!!!!!!.

  22. Yo cool games!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  23. Thanx soooooooooooooooooooooooo much.

    • Be careful when buying Uplay games. Some contain the very bad Tages DRM system that Says you can only install a game 3 times! Be careful.

  24. Garrett Williams

    Thanks, worked like a charm!.

  25. Thanks buddy!.