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222 Responses to Fix for If This Is Your First Time Using Uplay On This Computer You Need To Login At Least Once Before Using Offline Mode - comment page 7

  1. Thanks a lot.

    These folks at ubisoft should follow a user experience 101 course..

  2. Thanks , saved me a lot of hassle , a really good tip and work.

  3. Thanks bud, it fixed the problem :).

  4. randomnamehere

    This could of been compressed into a much shorter answer. I appreciate the help as it fixed the issue, but seriously man. Trim down the chatter.

  5. Thanx you sooooooooooooooooo much very godd like answer.

  6. You solved my problem bro!! Thank you so much !!.

  7. Thanks, I cant believe that this is set as a default after a fresh install n 1st time use ???.

  8. Thanks for the info, nice and Simple. I contacted the help desk and got nowhere!.

  9. IHateUbisoft

    The bigger corporations the less shit they give about people they get money from… How can that be that stupid? Make default option blocking this fcking shitty UPlay.

  10. Thanks man!.

  11. There and then you just made me feel like an idiot, but nonetheless you helped saved me from a lot of stress trying to get the bloody thing to work, for that I thank you.

  12. Thank you.

  13. Ty very much, detailed explanation. I think is solved.

  14. Thanks.

  15. Wow that is seriously dumb.. I have been trying to log in for an hour… stupid ubisoft.. Anyways thx mate saved me the rage of 1000 suns.

  16. “thanks”.

  17. Thanks.

  18. Thks, good post!.

  19. Thanks a lot !.

  20. SHELDONric9840

    I cant login in uplay.

  21. Thanks for much ;).

  22. Cheers, mate!.

  23. Thanks!!.

  24. Thank you very much! It’s real.

  25. Omg i cant believe of dumb this is… ubisoft is just retarded
    thanks man.

  26. Yeah thanks man uplay works now, just have to fix my far cry 3, i keep getting error code 3 when i launch it…but thanks anyway :).

  27. Thank you so much :).