Guess Cheats and Hacks - comment page 1

Guess cheats and hacks guide for the Guess! App.  Guess is made by Tinyco Inc.  This Guess game guide and walkthrough contains hints, tips and cheats for Guess.  Included are strategies to get free coins for Guess. To get free … Continue reading

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3 Responses to Guess Cheats and Hacks - comment page 1

  1. I think cheating is not bad. I mean the points are meaningless anyway like you said so why does it matter if I cheat or not right? No one is losing anything.

    • Jessi, I kinda agree, but the Guess guys from Tinyco are losing money on selling points to you…so there is that. But yeah I agree, we should not worry about their business models, that’s their business.

  2. It’s like if someone bottled air then said you have to pay to get the air would you pay?.