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Haunted Halloween Escape code for the middle drawer.  The code for the drawer with pumpkin, black cat, skull and spider.  This is from counting how many times each thing appears in the room to escape from.  The code is 9 pumpkins, 4 black cats, 7 skulls, 6 spiders.  The code in Haunted Halloween Escape is is 9476.  Nerdr.com.

Open the drawer to get the Mallet and wooden stake.

Move to the Clara stone area and tap the door.  It’s locked!  Use your key to unlock the door.  Tap to open to see the reaper.  Tap him to get the Toad Essence.

Move to the vampire box.  Enter the code from the pumpkin eyes earlier.  Triangle, square, circle, star.  You will see the guy from Twilight.

Zoom in to the vampire box in Haunted Halloween Escape.  He’s too strong, weaken him first.  Use the cross to weaken the vampire.  Then use the Mallet and Stake to make the vampire vanish.   Better leave the stake in there!

The fangs are held in tightly.  Use the pliers to get the pair of vampire fangs.  Did you know you spell haloween with two els not one?

You now have all the ingredients for the potion!

Haunted Halloween escape.  Move to the green bubbling Halloween Cauldron.  If you put the items in the wrong order it will say that wasn’t the correct order.  Enter the items in the following order:
Eye of Newt.
Toad Essence

This spells BEFITS.  The potion worked, A key appears.  Pick up the key.  Unlock the door to the Haunted Halloween Escape.

You will see a vampire.  Trick or Treat?  Give him the candy and he turns into a bat.  Spooktacular escape!

Please leave a comment below if you know any more puzzle games like Haunted Halloween Escape with nice atmosphere!

Haunted Halloween Escape review.

Haunted Halloween Escape
by Nerdr,
October 7, 2012


Overall, I really liked the halloween spooky atmosphere of Haunted Halloween Escape by Teraluinas games. The graphics are average to poor. The puzzles are good and the sound is bad. But this all helps make the atmosphere better! Haunted Halloween Escape is a great game to play in the dark under heavy rain and close to midnight. In total I have completed this puzzle game app 3 times now. If it was not free I would not buy it, but after playing I would have paid $0.99. I give Haunted Halloween Escape 4.2/5 because it is free.

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