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Haunted Halloween Escape Walkthrough

Haunted Halloween Escape walkthrough and guide for the iPad, iPhone and Android devices. The Haunted Halloween Escape app is created by TeraLumina Games. This guide for Haunted Halloween Escape contains hints and tips for completing the puzzles, there are many spoilers, cheats and solutions.

Welcome to the complete Haunted Halloween Escape guide and walkthrough for iPad, iPhone and Android.

TeraLuminas Haunted Halloween Escape Walkthrough.

Haunted Halloween Escape by TeraLuminas games.

On a scary Halloween night.  It will take all your might.  To escape this haunted place.  And put an end to your plight.

Some of the messages in Haunted Halloween Escape listed for this walkthrough.  The ghost is blocking the desk.  It’s a bubbling cauldron.

Move to the bubbling cauldron screen.  Tap each pumpkin to find 2 bats.

Move right from the ghost screen.  Tap the middle window for a spooky view out of the window.  You will see 4 creatures of the night passing.  Witch, left, Ghost, up, Bat, right, spider down.

Open the drawer under the windows to find the knife and a bat.  Tap the right drawer and enter the code from the middle window.  Up, right, down, left.  You will find a bat and a pair of pliers.

Haunted Halloween Escape.  Above the clara stone is a picture.  Tap this picture to reveal the ghostbusters ghost catcher!

Move to the 4 pumpkins on a shelf screen.  Use the knife to carve the pumpkins.  Notice the shapes of the pumpkin eyes.  Triangle, Square, Circle, Star.

Under the skeletor cage is an iron meteorite rock.  Tap between the right table/spikes to get the sword.

Select the sword and tap the skeletor in the cage to get the cross.  Nerdr.com.

On the door screen tap the candy bowl on the right to get some candy.  Is there a monster behind you?

Back to the ghost near the fireplace.  Use the ghost catcher to get him.  You better leave the ghost where it is!

Zoom in to the main desk near the fireplace.  Pick up the eye of newt.  Tap the spider on the desk to pick up the spider.  Open the left drawer to get a key.  In the right drawer is a bone saw.

Read the scroll from the desk in Haunted Halloween Escape.  Escape potion.  Ingredients.  Spider, fangs, eye of newt, Toad essence, Bones, Iron.  The secret to the order BEFITS the potion.  Notice the first letter of each item you need to escape.  Rearrange them to spell befits to get the correct order.

The correct order to add the items into the bubbling cauldron is Bones, Eye of newt, Fangs, Iron, Toad essence, Spider.

Use the bone saw on the hand of the skeletor in the cage to get the bony hand.