How Long to Charge Hudl Tesco Tablet - comment page 1

Charge times for the Tesco Hudl Tablet.  Below are the experimental results of my analysis of the Hudl battery charging times.  These are the results of the first two battery charges on a brand new device.  Older devices might get … Continue reading

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4 Responses to How Long to Charge Hudl Tesco Tablet - comment page 1

  1. Roland Mackay

    My Hudl charges at the rate of 2% per hour all data and bluetooth disabled.

  2. Hello,

    Thanks for such a thorough review. I am planning to buy a Hudl Tablet for my mum who lives in South America where all configurations are more similar to the USA than to Europe.

    I have saved all my Tesco vouchers and I reckon I will only have to pay £15 for it hence my choice of tablet. Besides, my mum is 74 and I want to get her a ‘basic’ tablet so that she can read her favourite newspapers , do some basic browsing and listen to live radio broadcasts. She will come to the UK for the Summer holidays so I plan to use that time to teach her how to use the tablet before she goes back home.

    I already checked that the tablet language can be set to Spanish (our native language). However, I am still worried the tablet apps will stop working once she goes back home. Did the apps you downloaded continue working when you went back to the USA?

    What about charging it? Will she be able to charge the tablet using Mains electricity despite the difference in the wattage between Europe and America. Will it be OK to attach to the charger a UK to USA adapter?

    Sorry to ask so many questions but I don’t want mum to get frustrated or have any problems with her tablet when she goes back home.

    • I suggest buying a google nexus to prevent any problems. I know it’s not what you wanted to hear, but I think it’s the best option for you!.