How to Buy a Projector – Buying Tips, Help and What to Look Out For

Projector technology types

The two main projector types you will see are:
  • 1 chip DLP technology.
  • 3 chip 3LCD technology.
3LCD literally uses 3 tiny LCD screen to generate the projected image (red, green and blue).  3LCD is also more power efficient than DLP technology.
DLP technology projectors use a spinning wheel to generate the image.  DLP is worse for color.


Know which connections you need before buying a projector.  It’s a quick way to shrink the field and make the decision easier.  Do you need:
  • HDMI connectors on your projector – great for movies and high definition content (720p, 1080p movies).
  • USB – great for connecting to a computer making it ideal for business and computer use.  some also take a USB thumb drive for direct file input without the need for a PC or Mac to run your projector files.
  • Wireless – a great way to keep the area around your projector wire free.
  • VGA/DVI – to use your shiny new projector with a computer, look for display connectors like VGA for old computers and DVI for newer models. VGA is analog and DVI is digital.

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