How to Buy a Projector – Buying Tips, Help and What to Look Out For

Other things to consider and think about before buying a projector

Projectors have very noisy fans.  Read online reviews and look for the keyword fan to identify fan noise problems before you buy.  Projector fans can be VERY noisy and easily ruin a movie or presentation.  Some projectors have constant fans, where your brain can automatically make the fan noise ambient.  Other projectors have variable fan speeds, which sounds great, but is not.  Variable fan speeds get your attention each time they change, and this can ruin a good movie.
Ideally you want a projector fan of constant speed of a quiet fan with variable speed.
Always read the reviews for projectors carefully.  Some have a rainbow effect that can ruin action sequences or scene changes.  This is fine for business presentations, but terrible for home media setup and gaming use.
If you’re looking to buy a projector you already know you will need to buy expensive lamps to keep the projector running.  Pick a projector with a lamp hours specification of at least 3000 hours.  A longer lamp life is always better.

Buying a Projector Video

This is the best video on Youtube for help on buying a new projector. The video describes all the main features and differences between specifications to look for when buying a new projector. This is the video I used to get up to speed on what everything means in projector selling land before buying.