How to Really Make Money with a Blog

Welcome to this quick Nerdr article on how to start a money blog.  I’m not going to waste your time with fluff here, so let’s jump straight in at the deep end.

There are three ways to make money blogging:

1.Write interesting content regularly. This method will net you the regular readers who come back time and again to read your excellently worded articles.  It is difficult to make good money from repeat visitors, since they will develop ad blindness.  Affiliate links and trust are the key’s here.  This is a good format to use if you’d like to review products.  Never lose your readers trust as the consequences can be disastrous.

2. Write articles on general topics of interest to search engine users.  For example, “How to comb my hair” or “High interest loans for 18 year olds”.  This is hard work as you’re competing for a high search engine position with more well-established websites.  Your best bet is to go for niche and long tail phrases, in which case each article will get you about 1 reader per month.  You’ll need to write about 40 a day to turn a healthy profit, but it is high risk.  Consider Google’s Panda update earlier this year which resulted in many similar sites losing their search positions or even being removed from Google search results completely.

3. Troll.  This is high risk, high reward blogging at its finest.  Cut throat and edge of your seat stuff.
Here is a quick and simple example of trolling at its most basic level:

  1. Find two sides that have a well known, irrational hatred of each other (Microsoft and Apple, Dell and Apple, Android fans and Apple fans etc.).
  2. Track down their fanbase blogs, forums and communities.
  3. Write a disruptive article, with EVIDENCE (A key ingredient as it provides ammunition and the campfire around which they are to gather).  Professional tip – Be nice, don’t pick sides, sticking to simple pros and cons should be more than enough.
  4. Post it on your blog.  Make sure it looks nice.
  5. Spread the link around liberally.  Focusing on those sites you found earlier.
  6. Have fun reading the at times ridiculous comments and discussion that results.



If you’re seriously committed to long-term blogging about your chosen topic and think you can stay focused while developing a loyal following, go for 1.  You will most likely be eating Ramen noodles in a years time.

If you would like to work hard under an uncertain environment, with potentially thousands of dollars a month in revenue, or zero, choose 2.  Be prepared for Google to update its algorithm on a whim and kick you for spamming without warning.  Caviar or rice for you.  Invest in a 401K or similar investment product to balance out the ups and downs.

If you just want to have some fun and enhance discussions on topics in your field of interest irrespective of financial reward, go for 3.

For me personally, 2 seems boring and morally questionable, 1 is too long term for a hobby.  I think i’ll go for 3 and see how it works out 😉

I wish you the best of luck with your blog whatever it may be, and remember, the most important step is to start writing NOW!

Leave a comment in the box below to share your thoughts and thanks for reading!

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