Icomania Answers and Cheats – App for iPhone, iPad and Android - comment page 3

This cheats guide contains all the answers for Icomania levels 5,6,7 and 8. I have included a link to levels 1, 2, 3 and 4 if you need Icomania answers for those levels of the game. Here is the link … Continue reading

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188 Responses to Icomania Answers and Cheats – App for iPhone, iPad and Android - comment page 3

  1. Black backround with a red globe in the center with possible letters being stp or syp in the middle. Letters available are. PAVYOJSKQTEMZA.

  2. MIZILLA is wrong….. It’s MOZILLA.

  3. Do you have new answers for Icomania?.

  4. What.Is the name for a brand with a hyphen in between it and before the hyphen it has 4 letters and its on level 6.

  5. BRAND– White Background, Green letters AC = ACER.

  6. Level 9. TV & Movies. Yellow & red face with shadow line of skyscrapers in the background. Could look a bit like a robot but also could be a human.
    Letters NAWXQCOJMENXRI two words 4 letters for the first 3 for the second word.

  7. What is the 4 letter word with a dark background and and a.

  8. Level 9 #284, on the ground there is a spiral line that loops aroind what looks like a top spinning on the ground. 9 letters given-PDKENINICEGOFT.

  9. Level 6 brand 10 letters white background with black mountain like picture and black letters underneath
    4 letters before hyphen 6 letters after third letter I
    ELWERVUKQIS letters to use.

  10. What is the guy with the Facebook logo on his face?.

  11. There is also one that is ‘titanic’ , with a white mountain/orange poles coming out of the water with the bubbles.

  12. Country man in front of a yellow,blue,red flag 9 letters 4th is e, rest are v e e z a b n t v p l u y.

  13. Andres Saldivar

    Need help, what’s the one with a lifeguard floater? Thnx in advance!.

  14. Level 8 answer pls. Brand Name, Looks like a Letter N or W with three Lines under it?.

  15. Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.

  16. Level 8. #239. White background with black curvy letters. Looks like G and maybe an A. 6 letters. Brand.

  17. Level 8. Brand name. 9 letters. Given letters: R U F J E N T N A H C C Q O. Three curvy lines on the picture.

  18. Tv & movies category. Park bench with a leaf in the top left side. 2 words. Help please!!!!!!.

  19. Man with a grey helmet. Has to do with a gladiator. 7 letters, 2nd to last letter is a u.

  20. Man with a grey helmet, looks like a gladiator. 7 words, 2nd to last letter is u. The remaining letters are kasmxhmxi.

  21. Big brown guy with a glory over his head.

  22. Level 9, guy with white shirt banning the male symbol, letters Dabnldju. (narrowed it down as much as possible.).

  23. A famous man with a long hair and a rusty red scarf with yellow strips please help me out.

  24. Im stuck on level 5. Its the one with the grey bacgourd and the basketball player with his arms spread out and a ball one one hand..? Help please!!.

  25. I am on level 8 -235 and the cheats-answers dont show a picture for this character ??? Its apparently a girl long brown hair , blue shirt and red and yellow scarf and its eight letters help please.

  26. White guy brown shaggyhair and mustache in blue shirt.