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Icomania Answers and Cheats – App for iPhone, iPad and Android

This cheats guide contains all the answers for Icomania levels 5,6,7 and 8. I have included a link to levels 1, 2, 3 and 4 if you need Icomania answers for those levels of the game.

Here is the link to the first 4 levels of the app: Icomania answers for level 1, 2, 3 and level 4.

Icomania level 5 answers and cheats.

Gilette. Big letter g and a shaving razor.
Garfield. Orange cat or monster face.
Bill Clinton
Chuck Norris.
Tom & Jerry. A cat and a brown mouse.
Fidel Castro
Blackberry. Seven bullets pointing ot the right.
Popeye. The character from the old cartoon series.
Scrooge Mcduck.
Ariel. The character from the little mermaid movies.
Germany. The country of beer with a beer icon.
Snoop Dogg. A rasta man with dreadlocks.
Tom Hanks.
United Kingdom.
Kanye West.
Adobe. A red and white logo.
Stallone. A military guy with long hair.

Icomania Cheats – iPhone, iPad and Android

Icomania cheats and answers. These Icomania answers will help you cheat in the game and solve every question. Icomania Android and Icomania iPhone are both the same game and app. These solutions for Icomania include the answers to famous people and level 4, 32 icons.

Answers to Icomania cheats level 1. This level has 12 questions only. The other levels after this have 48 questions each.

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Icomania Answers – iPhone, iPad and Android

Icomania Answers. These are all the answers to the Icomania app on iPhone, Android and iPad. These solutions and cheats for the Icomania game are spoilers so only use if you want to cheat. Icomania is made by Friends GMBH.

Level 1 Icomania answers. Level 1 to Level 11.

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