Icomania Guess The Icon Answers

Icomania Guess the Icon Answers. These are the answers for Guess the Icon by Nisavac Wallpapers. These hints, tips and solutions will help you finish the game fast.

Level 1: Disney brand means Mickey Mouse.
Level 2: country is the USA.
Level 3 – a character is of course superman.
Level 4 movie is brave, a girl with red hair.
Level 5 is the Facebook thumbs logo.
Level 6 is a country called Mexico.
Level 7 is the comic character Batman.
Level 8 is Rocky from the old movie about boxing.
Level 9 of Icomania guess the answer is the Apple brand.
Level 10 is the coutry France.

Level 11 is the character Harry, from Harry Potter.
Level 12: Matrix is the movie name.
Level 13 – The sony brand.
Level 14 – A big statue is the country Brazil.
Level 15 – Green character is Shrek.
Level 16 is the movie Braveheart.
Level 17 is the brand of Microsoft Windows.
Level 18 is the country of the dragon, China.
Level 19 is the character Yoda from the old star trek movies.
Level 20 is the Avengers, from the Avengers movies.

The brand Mcdonalds is level 21 and shows a hamburger.
Level 22 is the country australia with a kangaroo.
Level 23 is the Batman character called Joker.
Level 24 is Leia from the old star trek movies again.
Level 25 shows the great Roman colosseum and represents Italy.
Level 26 is cartman from south park.
Level 27 is the brand Nintendo and shows the super mario brothers.
Level 28 – a yellow bird called Tweety.
Level 29 – The coutry is called Greece and shows a big ancient column.
Level 30 of Icomania guess the icon is the orange cat called Garfield.

Level 31 is the brand Adidas and looks like a blue background with three white stripes.
Level 32 – the country of India, a white building and a green background.
33: the cartoon character buzz from toy story who looks like an astronaut.
Level 34 – terminator who looks like a powerful robot with a red eye.
Level 35 – white sports shoes, is of course the brand Nike.
Level 36 is the country of Spain, where Mexicans originally came from.
Level 37 – cool looking man with sunglasses and a green background is Neo.
Level 38 of icomania guess the icon is a big boat or ship called Titanic.
Level 39 – Coffee with a green background and a red cup is the drinks brand Nescafe.
Level 40 shows three dolls and is the country of Russia.

This is the end of the Icomania guess the icon solutions and cheats so far. For more answers for the app leave a comment below and I will add them to this walkthrough.

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