What’s the Icon Answers Level 31 – 60

What’s the Icon is hard! so here are all the answers to the app by Cheat Master and Friends. These answers, solutions and cheats will help you finish the game before your friends.

Level 31 – A blue, yellow and green eye is Brazil.
Level 32 – A ghost with a no smoking sign is Ghostbusters.
Level 33 – A sad gray man with glasses and rain, wearing a shirt is Bieber.
Level 34 – A gold hand or crown is Rolex.
Level 35 – Pisa, a statue or tower that is leaning and nearly falling.
Level 36 – A green cartoon character who does not know what to do next is Shaggy.
Level 37 – Snoop Dogg, bald African man with mustache and small eyes.
Level 38 – Green and yellow writing logo is Super sonics.
Level 39 – Man in nice hat and interesting stare in What’s the Icon: Indiana Jones.
Level 40 – Red ladies shoes, Ruby slippers.

Level 41 – Green dolphin and an orange circle is the logo for the Dolphins.
Level 42 – Looney Tunes.
Level 43 – Pan Am, it looks like a blue basketball.
Levle 44 – Cute small deer with super saiyan red hair is Bambi.
Level 45 – The count, pink cartoon with dark monk hood.
Level 46 – Blue ladies face with yellow eyes is Avatar.
Level 47 – Big white building is Taj Mahal.
Level 48: Gray boat with smoke coming from it is the Titanic.
Level 49: A gray bird, or plane is Stealth.
Level 50: Yellow square and pink triangle is Spongebob.

Level 51: Fila is the black F with purple in the background.
Level 52: A monkey and a pink diamond is Paul Frank.
Level 53: Elmur Fudd, animated character with a yellow hat.
Level 54: Blue and red mascot is Papa Smurf.
Level 55: Green alien with finger out is ET.
Level 56: Red leaf is the national symbol of Canada.
Level 57: Red and Blue diamonds is B of A. The logo of the bank of America.
Level 58: Cars, the red and silver logo.
Level 59: Green cartoon character from a toy movie, Buzz.
Level 60: Elton John, ginger, or red haired man with glasses from decades ago.

This is the end of the What’s the Icon answers walkthrough. If you found this useful look out of the next part and share with your friends on Twitter and Facebook.

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28 Responses to What’s the Icon Answers Level 31 – 60

  1. Picture on level 57 looks like Elton John but the letters cannot spell that the letters are E K C E C M R O H A T T N.

  2. I have the cars icon but the answer is five letters long and my options are R A I N M U P X.

  3. What’s the dolphin one I’m stuck the answer for it says dolphin but I need a word that is 5 letters long!!!.

  4. I’m stuck on level 50! I know it stealth, but my letter choices are: T G B W I H I D H K N R A.

  5. Hi, I’m fat Amy, and I like eating fattening foods.

  6. 49 for me is the Stealth one, but my options are: N O D A W G T H I K N H L, no idea!! Help please..

  7. Hi this is a really good helper thanks to u guys thank u so much.

  8. So does anybody have a problem with Level 59 and the letters don’t make Elton John?? I need help.

  9. I dont know what one that has like a car symbol and it starts with “c” and its not in the help above so could anyone help me plz.

  10. I have got it so u dont have to worry lets say thanks “MUM” she wouldnt have let me down anyway.

  11. #43 is not dolphin on my ipad/ipod. On mine it is a five letter word which starts with mi. I looked up words starting with mi and there are none according to the letters I have. I even looked on scrabble cheats. How is this possible. I can send you a photo of the puzzle with the letters that were removed. This is really bugging me as I can’t go any further in the game. Please help if you can.

  12. Terrrrrrrrrrri

    Level 48 what is gray plane it’s not stealth it’s 2 words???.

  13. I am on level 55 which looks like ET but there are two words, and there is no T in my options:( what is it?!?!.

  14. Level 54 is not ET the picture has 2 words and the second letter is H.