Icon Pop Mania Answers - Page 3

Icon Pop Mania cheats for level 4.

Lion King – weird orange or brown teddy bear thing with a tail.
Joker – red smiling face with black color on his eyes. It looks emo with mascara.
Justin Bieber – orange sunset on a purple background is Justin Beibers hair.
Cleopatra – lady face with highlights in yellow and a snake crown.
Starbucks – a cup of expensive, overpriced, coffee on a green background.
Lord of the Ring – a ring with lots of stars.
American Idol.
Star Wars – red and blue sticks or swords.
Windows XP.
Spongebob – yellow cheese with eyes.
Amazon – a smile made from an orange arrow.
Bill Gates – red, green, blue and yellow squares made to look like a Window.
Bob Marley.
Hulk – green and purple abs.
tin tin.
Canada – red and orange or brown leaf near a tree.
San Francisco
South Korea – how sad it must be for South Korean people to be known only for Gangam Style and Psy.
Rome – upside down brown basket, which is actually the colleseum in Roma, Italy.

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9 Responses to Icon Pop Mania Answers - Page 3

  1. I’m looking for the one with the wind meal on it but can’t seem to find the answer so could someone please tell me what it is!.

  2. Crimity I love this game.

  3. What is the one with a person crying and smiling ( character ).

  4. What’s the one with a yellow background and red label inside a white cirlce? Please i’ve been stuck here for days!.

  5. Why doesn’t any website have answers to level 10? I’ve been stuck on a question for days now!.

    • Level 10 is a new level of Icon Pop Mania from a new update and many of these guides are made as soon as the game is released on the App store. Maybe that is why, but I don’t know for sure.