Icon Pop Mania Answers - Page 8

Icon pop mania level 9 answers.

Marge – the blue hair of the lady in the Simpsons who is Barts mom.
Ikea – a table on a yellow circle.
Rambo – guy eating a knife.
Greece – a tall column, known for holding things up in Greece.
Washington – the white house on a blue background.
Chile – one of the heads from Easter island.
Nicki Minaj – lady with half blonde and half pink hair.
Indonesia – some Japanese style tower buildings.
The Godfather – puppet cross with strings.
Dora – back of a child with backpack.
Rolex – gold watch with a crown image on it.
Shrek – green face.
Las Vegas.
Katy Perry – pink lady on a pink cloud with purple hair.
Kill Bill – a sword on a yellow background.
Snoop Dogg – a sleeping guy with pigtails and a T-shirt, I have no idea who this is.
Samsung – a dark blue oval or circle logo on a white background. Samsung are the makers of phones and tablets, including the new Samsung Galaxy S4.
Friends – a couch with a yellow photo frame. Not the Simpsons couch.
H&M – red background and a shopping bag.
Beyonce – singing lady who looks like, but is better than Rhianna.
The Mummy – an egyptian mummy with eyes showing.
Mario – two yellow circles on a blue and red background.
Herbie – the number 53 and two vertical stripes. One stripe is red, the other is blue.

This is the end of the icon pop mania quiz answers and solutions for now. I will continue to update the guide when new solutions come in. Most of the answers and questions in this app are copied from other similar games you can find on the Apple App store. Overall, I like Icon pop mania and had fun finishing it.

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9 Responses to Icon Pop Mania Answers - Page 8

  1. I’m looking for the one with the wind meal on it but can’t seem to find the answer so could someone please tell me what it is!.

  2. Crimity I love this game.

  3. What is the one with a person crying and smiling ( character ).

  4. What’s the one with a yellow background and red label inside a white cirlce? Please i’ve been stuck here for days!.

  5. Why doesn’t any website have answers to level 10? I’ve been stuck on a question for days now!.

    • Level 10 is a new level of Icon Pop Mania from a new update and many of these guides are made as soon as the game is released on the App store. Maybe that is why, but I don’t know for sure.