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75 Responses to Ipod Frozen at Apple Logo Screen Solution - comment page 1

  1. I do not usually answer posts but I am going to in this case, great information, worked and my iPod touch is working again! Thanks to you.

  2. Worked Like a treat

    Thanks for the post.

  3. This does not work! So frustrated!!!.

  4. Yep works every time thanks!.


  6. Thankyou so much ILY.

  7. I just jailbroke my ipod and before i could get to even play around with it, it froze on the apple screen. I have tried your method but i think i may be doing it wrong. Once i do the hard reset it turns my ipod off. Next i wait 5 minutes. Should i turn it on before i do my next hard reset or do it when its off?.

  8. Do I wait for my iPod to go off before I do my next hard reset. ??.

  9. My ipod froze when i accidently held down the home button and it froze my home screen so i restarted it by pressing down on the sleep and home button at the same time. Nearly for a week its been stuck on the apple logo. How do i fix it. I just let my battery completley die down. Here are some questions,i would appreciate it if you answer them

    1. So do i charge it first before i do the hard reset??

    2. Should i do the hard reset whilst its still connected to a USB cable or unconnect it ???

    3. Do I wait for my iPod to go off before I do my next hard reset. ??.

  10. When I do the hard reset it just turns my iPod off. Do I keep holding the buttons down until it comes on to the frozen apple logo again then wait 5 minutes for the next hard reset? Can you explain please in detail??? I’m sorry if this is annoying. Do I just keep hard resetting over and over again until it comes onto the home screen. Can the times vary ?? By the way I have tried ur solution yet as my battery is dead so I’m just gonna charge it. But I’d like you to explain to me in full detail again about this solution. I have saved passwords on my iPod so I can’t afford to reset it. :) :) thank you.

    • Hi Vero, a hard reset is like pulling the power out of your computer. It doesn’t delete your files, just switches off and on again. Charge your battery, then do the steps you mentioned. Good luck and leave a comment if it worked! (or not!). But try it first.

  11. I have not tried your solution as I’m waiting for my iPod battery to die down and maybe try that method first then after try your. But do answer my questions above. ^^^.

  12. Do I do the next hard reset when my iPod is on or off. When I do a hard reset it just turns my iPod off. Am I doing it right.??.

  13. Tell me if this is right-> I first of all press on the home and sleep button until my iPod goes black then I wait for 5 minutes or more then press the buttons again until it goes on showing the apple screen then I again wait 5 mins again before I do my next hard reset and my iPod switches off. Can I ask a question??? I have quite a lot of CONTENT ON my iPod touch I have so much songs and photos etc on it , so would I have to wait MORE THAN 5 MINTUTES??? How many minutes would you recommend I wait between resets??? More than 15. Please answer I’m desperate for it to work. By the way my iPod is 64 gigabytes and is the 2009 version. :) :) much appreciated if. You answer. Thank you.

    • Hi Veronica, I’m on the main computer today so I can type a fuller answer :)

      Yes, just keep doing the hard reset, then waiting, then reset again. Repeat until it fixes. You can wait longer than 5 minutes if you want to. It depends how patient you are, it is hard to say exactly how long you should wait. It is also hard to say how long it will take to fix, or if it will take longer because you have a 64GB ipod. All I can say is try it first. It usually fixes in 30 minutes to 1 hour of hard resetting again and again from what others have told me and my own experience. Good luck!.

  14. The whole problem occurred when my home screen froze so I held down the menu button and sleep button and since then it’s froze on the apple screen. Would you say it’s jailbroken/bricked??? Can u REWRITE the solution again please in a more simpler detail??. So I can understand. I can’t afford to restore as i have so much to lose. Thank you. By the way what’s your full name? You can follow me on Twitter which is 07vdcosta.

    • I think your iPod has the problem covered in the article. Frozen on the Apple screen is the sign. Follow the steps, it should work. Steps, from memory, are hard reset by holding the two buttons, wait until Apple screen shows. Then wait some minutes, then hard reset again. Keep trying.

      Have you charged your iPod and tried the method yet? Did it work? How long have you been doing it? It should work.

      Another thing, if it does not work at all you would be the first person it failed for! There are still options. Find your tech guy, everyone has one, and you can use some software to go in and extract your files using a computer. This is not easy to do and needs special software. I would try resetting for a whole day before even thinking of using the extract method!

      Let us know how it goes!.

  15. Can it take more than a day for the iPod to hard rest??.

  16. Is it supposed to take longer than 6 WEEKS?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!!!.

  17. Does this quarentee to 100% work?? Does it mean I must focus my whole day in readying for hours till it finally works????.

  18. Do I do the hard reset when the iPod is connected to the USB? I need help. After I charged my iPod it’s on the apple logo so when I do the hard reset it will turn it off. Can you explain to me again??? Please I need help. I’m not very technical. Much appreciated. I cannot allow myself to do a full restore as there are important account information saved on it.

    • Disconnect from USB, and charge fully before doing the hard reset. Hard reset resets the iPod. Don’t store important account info only on the iPod!.

  19. Dear
    m in dis same problem. My ipod touch 4 8GN running iOS 6.O.1 stucked on apple logo while i was trying to install siriport.Ru through cydia and after installing the certificate, it was about to reboot and it stucked since then. I really need help please.
    When i press d sleep+home button it shuts off and the apple logo appears again, doese it mean that its resetting hard ??

    For ur kind info- my itouch is automatically rebooting after nearly like 7/8 minz and its still da same, stucking in d apple logo… :( what to doo ??
    Ihv no backup file and itunes recognises my devices well, but still its stucked ?? :(.

  20. And how do i know its being hard resetting ?? Should the apple logo remain or should the screen goes off black ?? Which part is supposed to be on hard reset status ??
    As i keep pressing home+sleep for 5sec the apple logo disappears and comes again (is it hard resetting?). And if i keep diz two buttons some more sec dan 5/6, d screen goes off black (or this is da resetting status ??)
    i hope i could make u understand.
    I mean should i wait 5-1Om minz wen da apple logo remains or da screen goes off black ??.

  21. Hey does this same process work for the iPad? If so, once i hard reset it the first time, do i hard reset while its off or do i turn it on first and then hard reset again?.

  22. You are an actual legend.

  23. So well this work if my ipod died and i whent to charge it. After that it got stuck on the logo. I been trying the recovery methoad, and i charged for half a day so im just wanting to know.

  24. I Tried Doing it but it didnt work i was doing what the second paragraph said for about two hours and nothing happened.

  25. Can you make a video because im a visual learner and its kind of hard to do all of that when you’re thinking your doing it wrong.

    • Jose, first, there is no such thing as a visual learner, we all learn in all ways. Don’t believe everything your teachers say.

      Second, just keep doing this:

      1. Reset the device by holding the top button and the home button for 5 seconds.

      2. Wait for about 10 minutes.

      3. If the device has not got to the normal home screen after those 10 minutes (if it’s stuck on the Apple logo), then reset the device again and wait 10 minutes again.

      Keep doing this until it is fixed.

  26. I thought it was for five minutes and does it need to be charging while im resetting it.

    • Does It Work For All iDevices?.

      • I Know im probably getting annoying but can you make a video and about how long will it take for it to go to the home screen I Believe This Method works because the older coments im just hoping it works for me.

      • It works for ipod, ipad and iphone. All devices. Sorry i can’t make a video of the process because I don’t know how to freeze my iphone on purpose. Hope it still helps.

        • If It Freezes Can You Make One And I Was Up Until 4 In The Morning Trying To Reset It But Nothing Happened How Will I Know That Im Coming Closer To Getting On The Home Screen.

          • If the fix does not work then your ipod or iphone might just be broken. My advice is to take it to the Apple store and ask a genius for help.

            I remember you said your problem started when you charged it or something. I think you have a different problem to the one this solution fixes.

            There is no way to know if you are closer to the solution. It just starts working after about 30 minutes to 1 hour. Wait about 15 minutes between each reset and charge fully before you start doing all this.