Kickstarter Statistics Insight and Analysis

Quick Analysis of the Kickstarter Stats page reveals the Expected Value of a succesful Kickstarter campaign by catagory.

Expected Value of Kickstarter Projects by Catagory
All    £4,218
Art     £2,082
Comics     £4,528
Dance     £2,527
Design     £18,503
Fashion     £2,260
Film & Video     £3,681
Food     £4,301
Games     £16,819
Music     £2,949
Photography     £1,995
Publishing     £1,837
Technology     £11,903
Theater     £2,778

Here we can see the return for a succesful Kickstarter project is heavily skewed toward Design, Games and Technology kickstarter campaigns.  This is specifically because of the dominant male video game nerd/geek catagory (see etc.) who are most susceptible to hype marketing online (See Notch and Minecraft, Humble Indie Bundle etc.).

Other interesting analysis results in the following table for Kickstarter project success rates.

Success Rate of Kickstarter Projects by Catagory
All    44.01%
Art     48.42%
Comics     45.15%
Dance     70.04%
Design     35.90%
Fashion     26.95%
Film & Video     39.55%
Food     40.89%
Games     34.03%
Music     54.34%
Photography     37.97%
Publishing     31.41%
Technology     30.24%
Theater     64.53%

It’s a good idea to remember that Kickstarter projects, especially succesful ones, are heavily skewed towards hype marketing.  This makes data analysis less relevant due to the difficulty of accurately measuring the level of hype marketing a particular Kickstarter project engaged in.  The reliance of Kickstarter on hype marketing also makes it difficult to see which projects are funded because they’re great and which are funded because of mob mentality setting in.

Since not every Kickstarter project can fund or engage in hype marketing it means anyone looking into starting a Kickstart project “for profit” with no particular preference has little information of use available.  Even the above analysis of Kickstarter project succeses and expected returns is useless for anyone looking to start. Essentially, any Kickstarter project catagory is equally as good as any other until we can obtain data regarding where funders came from and why they chose to fund a particular Kickstarter.

You can find the kickstarter stats page at the link here (new window).

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