What is IP, Instagram, YOLO and Scientology?

You have many what is questions.  Here I answer your question!

What is my IP address?

Your IP address is your identification on the Internet (International Network).  It can be a dynamic ip address (always changing) or static IP address (always the same).  You can find what your IP address is by typing “ip” into the Google search box.

You do not need to remember your IP address for most use cases and you cannot hide it easily.  It is useful if you have your own server and need to access files or access a website directly using it’s host server IP address.  You can check your hosts files on your computer to see the IP address of all the websites you like to visit.

What is Scientology?

Scientology is sometimes referred to as a cult like organization.  They have been chased constantly by the internet creed anonymous.  Anonymous is an idea not a group of particular people, so anyone can join.  Anonymous is the idea that we are all free and information and happiness should be free for all people in the world.  It is suggested that Anonymous don’t like the cult like organization scientology because they charge a lot of money for their books and courses.  Scientology also owns a very big cruise ship called seaorg that floats in the sea.

The main belief of scientologists is aliens called Xenu will come to save them and take them to a strange planet called planet Xenu.  Lieutenant Ronaldino Hubbard (not his real name) created Scientology during the sci-fi era of the 80’s and is now no longer alive because he died.  Some Scientologists have died since L.R.Hubbards death.  Some people have claimed Hubbard created scientology to enjoy tax breaks that religions have in western modern democracies.  On the Scientology wikipedia page you can see the quote: “You know, the only way to make any money, you can’t do it with pulp writing, you got to, you start a religion.”  – Lyle Stewert.  You can find out more about scientology and L.Ron Hubbard on the scientology wikipedia page.

What is YOLO?

YOLO means You Only Live Once.  There is also YODO – You only die once.  YOLO is not like YODA, which is the small green turtle in the Star Wars movie series.  Users of YOLO are frequently mocked on Reddit.com for having low intelligence and generally being stupid.  YOLO is used by idiots when they do crazy things and to justify unnatural behaviours.  YOLO also appears on some cheap t-shirts from big box stores, like Walmart.  YOLO.

What is Instagram?

Instagram is a website used predominatnly by internet hipsters to take pictures of things.  The thing does not matter, only the filter used and the angle of elevation.  The internet hipsters (Instagram users) then apply a digital filter over their photographs to make them appear unique and special.  Glow, Neon and Fade photoshop style filter effects are common.

Instagram users like to use unique camera angles to capture their unusual ability to feel joy in random places, like the coffee shop where they work as a barista, to pay back their large student loans.  Instagram users tend towards having liberal arts degrees, or own a silicon valley startup that is struggling.  Instagram users would not have time to take photos of a sandwich if their startup was doing well or they had a real job, with real prospects of advancement and a decent salary not dependent purely on tips.

You can download the Instagram app, or use Instagram online to see photos and signup to instagram.  It’s kinda like Flickr with filters built in.  Most users will forget about Instagram by next year and worry about how to download their own photos back to their computer from the Instagram servers.

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