Letterpress App Cheats and Hacks Guide - comment page 1

Letterpress App Guide on how to win in Letterpress every time without cheats and hacks.  This Letterpress cheats and hacks guide will cover legitimate ways to win the game using tactics and other ways to win using generators.  I prefer … Continue reading

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6 Responses to Letterpress App Cheats and Hacks Guide - comment page 1

  1. Always get a corner irst and protect it while building out a letter or two every single turn. Ignore the other players words and strategy completely. Build out the easiest direction. I you start in the bottom right corner and there are a bunch of x,k,v,js etc in the top right corner build out to the bottom left!! I win 95% of my games using this strategy. I dont get why everyone doesnt do this? ALWAYS use the longest version of a word…i.E. You could play “look” but look for letters to build out: i.E.: looked looker, lookers, lookiest, lookups, etc..Etc.. ING is the key to winning usually. Almost every word can end in ing. Secure it immediatly and use it on every word. My favorite screwover game ender word? ZZZS heheheh.

  2. If they use a 6 letter base word they are cheating, huh…you must think that anytime a person beats you they are cheating. A bad carpenter blames his tools.

    • Wanted to say this. If you’re using 6 letters or less without a strategic advantage, you’re not a very good player. It’s like giving chess a 1/5 because you’re not good at it, which amounts to boredom for both players.

  3. By your standards, literally almost everyone I’ve played is a cheater. The irony is that the word “cheater” is 7 letters, and therefore I’d have to assume that you used some word generator to come up with it.

    If the other person place multiple words I’ve never seen before, especially scientific words that would only be familiar to someone whose taken graduate level biochemistry (12 letters!!!), then I assume they’re cheating. In which case I cheat right back. I cheat better then the other cheater. Getting all huffy about it is a little inappropriate (13!!!!!!!) given the relative triviality of it all.