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Pic Combo answers. These are cheats and solutions for Pic Combo on iPhone, ipad and Android. This app is made by the same developers who made Icomania called Games for Friends GmbH. These hints, tips and solutions will help you … Continue reading

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323 Responses to Pic Combo Answers - comment page 5

  1. I need to answer to the one where there is a pic of a hand cuff ones open the other is closed and then the other pic is a bee.

  2. Level 4 shopping cart plus old lady 7 letters. Help pretty please.

  3. Watch and paw prints?.

  4. Level 4
    tent + cat
    6 letters.

  5. What is the one with cows eating hay and a man with a parachute ?.

  6. Level 5
    Striped Shirt+water
    7 letters.

  7. Looks like a woman on a date and an open book in a library 8 letters.

  8. I’ve got A picture of what looks like an island with a light house looking out to see and an animated red guy standing in a queue of white guys and waving
    9 letters. I have S S T T T E A C L N R I O Z.

  9. Couple around a campfire holding marshmallows on a stick + a picture of a persons back.

  10. Have any idea about levels above 140?.

  11. Level 6
    Male deer (stag)
    Back of a nude lady with her had holding her back like she is in pain.

  12. Level 7, puzzle 206.
    Mountain peak w/ climbers + invisible man.
    6 letters, WPQOLAEHTT.

  13. Lindsey Evangeline

    What is this one?
    A line of cattle+a hang glider?.

  14. Lindsey Evangeline

    Girl that looks like she’s relaxing+ 4 boys holding 1234.

  15. What is it? The other picture looks like a snake to me.
    Asnaekkdrsldsn 8letters.

  16. I’ve been stuck on this one forever. It’s a cart within old lady with her hand in another hand that looks like its helping her up? Cart + old lady = ?.

  17. Pic of different food in boxes and a rabbit cuddly toy.

  18. A dog holding a magnifying glass and a woman looking at the cooking thing.. HELP PLEASE!.

  19. Man and woman in hard hats plus girl holding a purse.

  20. Level 11, puzzle 426. Kite flying + pepper mill grinding. 9 letters, SMLINDLLWMIZ. I believe the appropriate answer is “Windmills” but the app will not accept it. Any suggestions?? Thanks.

  21. I am stuck on this one. Windmills fits perfectly so I am wondering if a mistake in the game.

  22. A guy with his head on the table a book on his head and a pic of a black pencil drawing a line….

  23. 3 Ls worked for me too. WINDMILLL.

  24. Picture of two piggy banks smashing the middle one and a business women waving.

  25. For the kite and pepper mill it accepted windmilll with three `l`s.

  26. What is a row of matches being lit on fire and a pen on top of what looks like math work.

  27. Ok… an egg with a red lion on it and a guy sitting in a chair with his legs crossed… letters are STKEAXXCSINM The answer is 4 letters… im sooo lost please help.