Quora Needs To Die - comment page 1

“Sign up for free to read the full text. Login if you already have an account.” – Quora.com Quora needs to be removed from search results like Expertsexchange for this silly bait and switch.  Having a web 2.0 styling (as … Continue reading

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10 Responses to Quora Needs To Die - comment page 1

  1. Duck with an F Experts-Exchange.

  2. What conditions lead to this bait and switch? I tried logging out of Quora, and even using a different browser. Google results that lead to Quora answers lead to a full answer when clicking through, even if I’m not logged in and don’t have any cookies established from Quora.

  3. george washington

    Different / creative ways to bypass the blur filter. Quora does suck. Their content isn’t so invaluable that we should have to sign up to see it. Another site that is more hastle than helpful is StackOverflow. Most are more interested in appearing correct, clever unhelpful remarks, instead of actually answering the effn question. I can’t count how many times I’ve asked a very detailed question there that got responses that were anything but the actual answer needed. Hopefully some alternative sites pop up to compete vs these broken, overhyped sites.

    • George, I agree. It looks like Quora has now changed their blur filter so the ctrl+A trick no longer works. I’m surprised Google is doing nothing to fight this.

      Stackoverflow. My best tip is to keep your question simple, breaking the question into parts is also a good idea. Stackoverflow users, like Redditors, just don’t like to read.

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  4. “And the real kicker is it only turns up when I have an urgent tech problem.

    Fuck Quora.”

    … You’re right. Fuck Quora.

  5. Spoon them in their stupid faces!.

  6. Yes! Quora is totally annoying.. Need to be removed from SE.