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Sapphire Room Escape walkthrough.  Tap the high shelves again, this time the box is locked.  Order the books on the right of this high shelf in order.  One tap to select the book, another tap to choose which book to swap it with.  The correct answer and height order is: 5,3,1,2,4 or 4,2,1,3,5 from the other side.

Pick up the orange sapphire and open the locked box.  Inside is the second battery and wood piece with arrow.

Sapphire Room Escape.  Place the two batteries into the world globe to reveal a key.

Use your key to open the drawer under the cracked left art globe.  You will find the matches.

Turn around to the fireplace screen.  Use the matches on the fire.

There’s a level in the back, but it’s blocked by the ashes.  Pick up a shovel from the left of the fireplace (there are three).

Use this shovel to remove the ashes.  Then use the lever to shuffle the picture.

Tap the shuffled picture pieces to remake it.  Do the outside edge first and move in from there.  This will reveal a diamond box.

It looks like something goes there.  We now have all four arrows on wood circle.  Place them into the sapphire room escape game box.

Set the arrow positions to the position we saw on the compass points.  NW, E, SW, W.  The wall will be removed.

Use the Sapphire Room Escape spray bottle window cleaner to clean the windows and show the code.  The spray bottle is empty.  Maybe you can refill it.

Refill the spray bottle using the white refill bottle under the frog tank.  The spray bottle has been refilled.

Return to the windows,  use the sapphire room escape window cleaner again to get the door code.  The sapphire room escape door code is on the next line.

The door code is 873 425.

Enter the code in the door.  The door will open and you will see a wall.  Tap the wall.  Use the hammer on the wall to break through to freedom and lush sapphire fields!

Sapphire Room Escape Review.  After writing this sapphire game help walkthrough I will say overall I think this game was just okay.  Sapphire room escape is not as good as the other room escape puzzle games from TeraLuminas.  Graphics are bad 2/5.  There is no music and weak sound 1/5.  Puzzles in Sapphire room escape are average at 2/5.  I give Sapphire room escape a 2/5 overall.

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One Response to Sapphire Room Escape Walkthrough - Page 2

  1. I thought that this game was one of the hardest out of the escape games. But still encredbile game to play. !!!

    Try it yourself if you haven’t played it!!!.