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Sapphire Room Escape Walkthrough

Sapphire Room Escape walkthrough and guide for the iPad, iPhone and Android devices. The Sapphire Room Escape app is created by TeraLumina Games. This guide for Sapphire Room Escape contains tips and hints to help complete the puzzles, there are spoilers, cheats and solutions.

Welcome to the complete Sapphire Room Escape guide and walkthrough for iPad, iPhone and Android.

Sapphire Room Escape by TeraLumina games.  The game is played and here is the written text walkthrough.

Once again you find yourself stuck in a strange room.  There are sapphires all around.  Can you find a way out and leave with all the sapphires?

Zoom in to the left couch.  Under the left seat cushion is the first battery.  Under the right cushion is a blue sapphire.

Zoom out, then tap the middle board game.  It’s reds turn to move.  Tap the red board game pieces on the lower left.  You moved a piece.  There are no more moves.  Now count how many there are for each color.  6 green, 3 yellow, 5 red and 4 blue.  Pick up the sapphire near the bowl.

Tap the left statue.  Pick up the necklace.  You found a necklace and pick the sapphire near the right leg.  In the middle of the bookcase is a book.  Inside this book is a circle with an arrow.  There are many sapphires in the other books.

Move to the right bookcase.  Pick up the hook on a pole, near the books on the left.  There is a sapphire in a book on the top shelf.

Sapphire Room Escape.  Attach the necklace to the statue near the neck to get a hammer.

Use the side green arrows to turn around to the fish tanks.

Pick up the ladder in the middle of the screen and the purple sapphire on the floor.

The frog tank is not used for anything.  Under the frog tank is a color code.

Look at the color code on the left drawer.  Sapphire room escape frog.  Under the frog tank.  The color code is the same as the number of counters on the Ludo board game.  6,3,5,4.  Open the drawer to get the spray bottle and use it on the white bottle to refill the spray bottle.

Zoom in to the code drawer under the fish tank on the right.  Make the fishes in the code the same colors as in the fish tank.  Open the drawer to get a sapphire and jar of fish food.  Nerdr.com

Zoom in to the fish tank itself now.  Pick up the blue sapphire and use the the fish food on the fish.  The fish will swim to the top and reveal a key.  Use the hook on a pole to get the key.

Get closer to the globe.  It needs batteries.  Tap it to see where the batteries go.

Use the key from the fish tank to open the drawer under the globe.  You will find a shape piece.  A circle of wood with a red arrow.

Move to the left globe art piece that is yellow and red.  There’s something inside this orb.  Use the hammer to reveal the shape piece, wood circle with arrow.  Pick up the orange sapphire.

The shelf is too high to reach.  Turn around back to the fireplace screen.  You will see a cross patch of marks on the floor behind each couch.  It’s hard to see but it’s behind the couch.  Place the ladder on the right patch.  You can now reach the high shelf.

Notice the position and order of the books on the left.  5,3,1,2,4 is the height order.  Pick up the pink sapphire.

Open the book box to see the 4 compass pieces. They are positioned in NW, E, SW, W.  Nerdr.com.

Back to the fireplace screen, pick up the ladder and move it to the left patch on the floor.