SkimFeed – Fast News Reader with a Beautiful Design

Today we are proud to announce the newest member of the family of websites and webapps.  Everyone gather round and cheer as we celebrate the announcement of the fastest news reader in the west –

What is SkimFeed?

SkimFeed is the fastest news reader available in the world today. Some say it’s better than the Google News reader.  Skimfeed weighs in at under 100kb compressed with gzip. It’s hyper fast, lightweight and Javascript free.  It finishes loading before you lift your jaw from the floor.  The sheer amount of information contained within a Skimfeed page is amazing.

How many feeds does Skimfeed show?

At this moment in time, Skimfeed consists of over 40 premium feeds. These will be changed over time as we see what is popular and what is not.  The more popular catagories right now are tech and news.  Skimfeed avoids political news because that’s a waste of time.  The key metric is Signal to Noise ratio.  A heavy focus on Quality articles, less Forbes and more Longform and Tech.

Can I link to Skimfeed?

Yes you can link to Skimfeeds like this. It’s getting some good heat on Twitter right now too, your friends will love it.  Sharing is encouraged, tell your friends on Facebook and Twitter, let’s get this SOCIAL people.

Why are you writing this article? Because I need to write something about the fastest RSS news reader, Skimfeed, and I’m not sure what to say about it.  We need to get Google to pickup SkimFeed quick and this seems like the best way to do it.

50 words to go…any last words?

You should probably check out Skimfeeds yourself right now.  It was created after I stopped visiting Reddit.  Again, we come back to the Signal to Noise ratio metric discussed earlier.  Reddit is a mess of memes right now, with no quality content.  Submitting articles and anything that’s not an image or a self post is actively discouraged through downvotes.  Skimfeed is a step back to before user voting and it’s a refreshing change.

No downvotes, just curated feeds and quality, varied content.  Varied content is another big ticket item.  The variety keeps Skimfeed from getting stale.  It has the usual Tech sites like Techcrunch and Business Insider, together with VC blogs and Maker feeds.  Mix in some Longform articles, mac sites and tech hardware and you cover all bases on a single page.  Check it out!

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2 Responses to SkimFeed – Fast News Reader with a Beautiful Design

  1. SkimFeed has been down (showing a blank page) for a couple days now.

    • Thanks Henry. Yeah, it’s been down twice in the last month. Both times the cause appears to have been practically unfixable database issues. Both times skimfeed has magically fixed itself. Didn’t even need to reboot the server. I don’t even know anymore man…must be pre-sentience puberty or something.