Whats My IQ App Pro Walkthrough and Guide – iPad, iPhone and Android

What’s my IQ Pro edition complete cheats, walkthrough and guide.  What’s my IQ pro test app is made by Orangenose studios and is available from the Appstore for $0.99.  Here is the FULL game guide for What’s my IQ pro HD.

The first 50 questions in What’s my IQ Pro are the same as the FREE edition.  For questions and answers to What’s my IQ FREE and the first 50 puzzle questions please see the nerdr.com Guide to the first 50 questions in What’s my IQ.

Now on to the What’s my IQ PRO puzzle guide and questions 50 to 100.

Puzzle 51 – Replace the tires on the car.  Drag and drop the tire on the right hand side over the tire/tyre on the left hand side.

Puzzle 52 – Quickly tap the thing three times AFTER it explodes.  Wait until the timer finishes, then casually tap the thing three times.

Puzzle 53 – The average of three numbers is 6.  the average of two of these numbers is 5.  What is the third number?  ANSWER is 8.   You can solve it using Algebra.

Puzzle Question 54 – Bring the red button to the left side.  Turn your iPhone, iPod or iPad upside down so the left is right and right is left.

Puzzle 55 – Place the cups into their respective dotted lines puzzle.  Easy!  Start from the bottom row and work up.

Puzzle 56 – Replace the front tire with the spare tire.  I bet you tried the same thing as last time right? ANSWER first drag the front tire away from the car, then move the spare tire into the front tire position on the car.

Puzzle 57 – Tap the numbers from small to big.  Easy question with balloons.  You know this will come back and trick you next time.

Puzzle 58 of 101 in What’s my IQ Pro – Tap the cake after coffee but before tapping cola twice.  Coffee, then cake, then coca cola twice.

Puzzle 59 – Burst the balloons in ascending order.  Here is the trick question you knew was coming!  When you see the 9 turn the device upside down so it looks like a 6.  Now you can tap it correctly.  Then for 9 turn it upside down again too so it looks like 9 and not 6 before tapping.  This What’s my IQ pro app on Nerdr.com.

Puzzle 60 – Switch on both lightbulbs at the same time.  Rotate your Apple iPod touch, iPhone or iPad device to the left.  Now the red button will slowly cover the blue button allowing you to turn on both lights.

Puzzle 61 – Tap the slowest star.  Of course it is the WORD star in the question.

Puzzle 62 – Turn on all LEDs to open the safe.  Press A,B,C,F.  It was my first random guess.

Puzzle 63 – Catch the butterfly before it flies away.  Forget the net and just tap on the butterfly with your finger.

Puzzle question 64 – Tap 3 bicycles.  Of course again, just tap on the word bicycle in the question three times.

Puzzle 65 – Quick! Burst 3 red balloons.  Simple…you know a trick is coming.

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9 Responses to Whats My IQ App Pro Walkthrough and Guide – iPad, iPhone and Android

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  2. Hi i just want to say thank you for the guide.

  3. I got 439.

  4. Tap the fruits in ascending order carrot -.-.

  5. What’s my IQ ™ app. This guide comes in Pro and normal editions for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. HD and non HD versions of whats my IQ are available from the Apple App store. What’s my IQ 100 questions was made by our very own Orangenose studios and attempts to test your critical thinking and logical reasoning skills. Here are the exact puzzle answers for those looking to cheat using puzzle answers, tips and hints.

  6. 2+7=9.

  7. Gillian & Maddi

    Thanks for your help, but by the way we didn’t mess up at all or get anything wrong and we got and IQ of 497. LOL Thanks again!
    Peace Out Girlscout.

  8. Ithink.