Sleeping Dogs DLC Review

I just finished the four main Sleeping Dogs DLC packs for missions.  Here’s my quick review of all of them.  I purchased all the DLC packs on a 75% off sale, so they were around $1 each.  At that price, all the DLC are of course worth it, but some are more worth it then others.  This review covers my reasons and which I would choose if they were more expensive.

The DLC packs with multiple missions are:

  • Nightmare at North Point around 15 missions.  Select this DLC from the main menu.
  • Year of the Snake around 15 missions.  Select this DLC from the main menu.
  • Wheels of Fury 5 missions.
  • Zodiac Tournament around 10 missions on a separate island.

Nightmare at North Point DLC Review

The Nightmare at North Point DLC for Sleeping Dogs has the best atmosphere out of all the DLC packs.  It comes as a separate menu option to the main game (like Year of the Snake).  Nightmare at north point is played on the same map as the main Sleeping Dogs campaign, but the atmosphere is changed and things are bluer.  It’s kinda like the atmosphere from Ghostbusters and gets a 10/10 from me, spooky!.  The music also seems to fit nicely with the theme, but that might just be my radio station and me getting lucky with the selection.

The problem with nightmare at north point is that it is just fighting.  And always fist fighting the same jumping ghost ladies.  It gets really boring really fast.  I should say here I loved the main Sleeping Dogs campaign and have finished it twice.  I LOVED every minute of it and was never bored!  But nightmare at north point was so boring with just fighting the same enemies.

The other problem with the Nightmare at north point DLC is it takes place just in North point (duh!).  I know I had to expect this but it still makes the story feel smaller and less expansive.

Overall I give the Sleeping Dogs nightmare at north point DLC 7/10.  It could have been an easy 10/10 with more interesting missions because the setting and story setup are so perfect to have fun.


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