Startup – first impressions and feedback

Today we’re taking a look at a recently announced new tech startup;  It stood out  as a clear example of some early errors start-ups make on the key basics.  These are becoming more frequent as of late as more … Continue reading

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2 Responses to Startup – first impressions and feedback

  1. I believe they’re targeting a power user customer base first with an application that allows sharing local servers. Non-developers don’t normally run servers on their desktops (or aren’t aware of them), so targeting them for an alpha doesn’t make much sense.

    What is possible is that future versions will become easier to setup and run so that non-developers could deploy local servers without knowing all the details. There are dangers in security etc, but I don’t see them as impossible to overcome.

    • Designers, or other users who lack technical knowhow to run a server, can quickly get cheap or free hosting for web files…it really does seem like a total non product the more I look into it. Further, I don’t see a non techy needing a localserver when its so easy to use a quick ftp program to fire files up into real actual hosting….