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Doors & Rooms Chapter 5 Walkthrough and Guide – iPad, iPhone and Android

Doors and Rooms Chapter 5 – The Kingdom. This guide contains spoilers, cheats and solutions to chapter five of the Doors and Rooms app. The walkthrough covers help, hints and tips for solving the puzzles and answers to the difficult tricks To use this guide you never have to buy coins for Doors and Rooms.

Stage 5-1 The shield room. In the top right near the knights armor is a spiky ball and sword. Use the sword to cut the rope on the carpet to get the musical notes sheet. I will explain how to play the musical notes sheet for piano when we get to it.

Use the spiky ball on the bottom wooden box closest to the drawer. You will get the axe piece. Open the drawer under the jewelry box to get the tap head. Move to the barrel on the left of the screen and use the tap head on the barrel tap to get the dancing ballerina. Near this barrel you will see a small cross colored light black on a wooden box. Pick up the small cross and it is the clubs key for the treasure chest.

Use the clubs clover key on the jewelry box to open it and then place the ballerina inside. Tap the ballerina and a tiny drawer will open. Get the key in the tiny drawer. Use the sword on the darker plank of wood in the middle of the floor to get the wooden stick. Combine the wooden stick with the axe head to make an axe. Use the tiny key from the tiny drawer to open the piano cover.

Doors and Rooms piano music puzzle solution. How to play the musical notes sheet on stage 5-1. First, observe the musical notes sheet to get a look at what you have to play. Now mentally label each key on the piano keyboard with a number from left to right and starting at 1. The piano song or tune to play is: 164241. If you play the notes wrong you have to exit the piano and reenter the piano screen. Once you play the correct piano turn in Doors and Rooms you will get the key to exit the room.

Use the axe on the plank of wood guarding the door. Place the ring key into the door to activate it. Move to the door and you will see the classic moving man puzzle. L means move a piece left, R means move a piece right. The correct pattern to solve it is: LRRLLLRRRLLLRRL.

This will open the door and let you exit Stage 5-1 of Doors and Rooms the kingdom.