Doors & Rooms Chapter 5 Walkthrough and Guide – iPad, iPhone and Android

Stage 5-5 The Kingdom observatory. Tap the book on the desk and it will open. Inside is note number 1 with some compass directions. N60.W112, N45.W105, N37.W90 and N45.W75.

Tap the blue chair seat and it will tear off. Inside the chair seat is note number 2 with more directions for the telescope: S4.W37, S15.W30 and S30.W45.

Note 3 is at the foot of the ladder.

On the left is a armored guy holding a pike. Tap his helmet and it will open revealing note number 4. I’m not going to type it all out but you can observe it to see what it says.

Look through the telescope and count the number of red stars. Enter this as a code on the red star code drawer on the left: 6479. Doing this will reveal a stack of runes. Use dismantle on the stack of runes to get individual runes for each of the Zodiac symbols.

Use the notes and the map on the left wall to solve the code puzzle. Then, place the correct runes in order into the code box on the right wall that says 1234. The order to place the runes in Stage 5-5 of Doors and Rooms is: Aquarius, Aries, Libra and Taurus. Using the symbols the code is: wavy lines, T-symbol, Omega line and three quarters of an eight.

The treasure chest will open after entering the rune code. Inside the treasure chest is a secret book. Do not read this book! just kidding, it does nothing.

Use the secret book in the hole on the bookshelf to unlock the secret moon puzzle. It’s difficult to give a solution to this moon puzzle but here is how I did it. I did the left column first, the the top row. Then the second column, then the second row. Then the third row. Take it slowly, solving one piece at a time. The last row made itself automatically.

Once the Moon puzzle is complete tap the bookcase and the door will open to exit the room. That’s the end of Chapter 5 of Doors & Rooms – The Kingdom. It also marks the end of this guide to chapter 5.

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74 Responses to Doors & Rooms Chapter 5 Walkthrough and Guide – iPad, iPhone and Android

  1. I think this is an easier way to solve the lion puzzle:

    Tap the 3 red tiles in order from top to bottom:
    1-1, 3-2, 4-3
    Then for all of the blue tiles remaining, memorize them (I have them listed down too), tap them in the order that they appear from left to right and top to bottom
    1-1, 1-2, 1-3, 2-4, 3-1, 3-2, 3-3, 4-1, 4-2, 4-3

    I hope this makes sense and this way is very quick.

  2. I agree with Emily, I did it that way as well.

  3. THANKYOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Where is the mask ?!
    There is no mask on the main door in 5-3 stage
    Please help.

  5. There is no math involved in the dining room puzzle. The Roman numerals in the fireplace correspond to the picture of the turkey and the box on the mantelpiece. I is the turkey so code 3113 and 1st position on the box so 3. II is the plate so 1327 and position 4 on the box so 7, them the glass then bottle/cork.

  6. I have the hard time solving the last part which is the puzzle. It really make you think and used your brain and analysis on solving it. You will use you skills on which comes next and which comes last so the image on the puzzle must be the same as on the image on the left side. Its like you are playing with brain cubes. The only thing that pissed me off is theres no undo and once you have a wrong move, you cant undo anymore. So you must memorize everytime you make a move so that if made a mistake, you will know where to start again.. Good Luck guys!! Good Game! I super like this! More games please.

  7. Thank you emily!!!!!!.

  8. Hey I’m stuck on the latest level in chapter 5. What’s the code for the box with square & triangle? I know you’re meant to count the number of squares & triangles within that magic drawing on the floor but I can’t really tell. Any suggestions?.

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  10. What is the theory behind the B5 C7 E1 G3 H2? How did you come up with that?.

  11. OMG !! I really need your help in 6.7 cuz I know what i have to do but idk how to do it, you know what i mean right? :/.

  12. 6.7 help!!!.

  13. NERD.R …… please HELP ME !! ( In 6.7 ) I know what I have to do, but not how. I do not know how much is the equivalent of every stripe. Just tell me how many times I move each color. Thank you !!!.

  14. How to get the key in harp.

  15. How can you get that code? Did you use math to get the code?.

  16. The code for the chess board wasn’t correct for our game… But we made the chess board grid, used the clues, and got ours. Thanks!.

  17. What keys do i push???.

  18. Emily!!! Thank you so much!!! Your hint was the easiest to figure out!!!.