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YouTube Movies Scheduled for Failure

Google today confirmed what we all knew was coming: YouTube Movies.  With 3,000 movies set to be added to it’s database over the coming days.

It’s going to fail:

Who really wants to watch a movie sitting at their desk?
– I don’t.  I have a home cinema setup for watching movies.  So who does watch movies at their desk?  Movie pirates and low income users.  Continue reading

Motorola Xoom Androidtablet non review

Android Tablet – the Xoom Day 0 review or alternative title: why I didn’t buy one.

Here we are again.  The Android Xoom.  Such a promising device!  Alas it was not to be.  With Motorola and Adobe together crippling the devices Memory card ability and flash STILL not being available after so long I had to give up on buying one.

Then theres the price.  I understand it has Android 3.0 (codenamed Honeycomb), but is it really that great?  Especially considering the Ipad 2 having been released at about the same time.  This information, together with the Ipad 3 supposedly being released at the end of the year makes it a bad buy.  Personally, I just couldn’t justify the price point for the features I was getting.

We’ve all known companies and purchased products that promise continuous updates and features in the future which never materialize and that is a significant risk when Continue reading