Motorola Xoom Androidtablet non review

Android Tablet – the Xoom Day 0 review or alternative title: why I didn’t buy one.

Here we are again.  The Android Xoom.  Such a promising device!  Alas it was not to be.  With Motorola and Adobe together crippling the devices Memory card ability and flash STILL not being available after so long I had to give up on buying one.

Then theres the price.  I understand it has Android 3.0 (codenamed Honeycomb), but is it really that great?  Especially considering the Ipad 2 having been released at about the same time.  This information, together with the Ipad 3 supposedly being released at the end of the year makes it a bad buy.  Personally, I just couldn’t justify the price point for the features I was getting.

We’ve all known companies and purchased products that promise continuous updates and features in the future which never materialize and that is a significant risk when dropping $600+ on a new tech toy/gadget.  I NEED flash in a tablet, thats why I want it now, not in some hopefully someday blue sky thinking future update.

Combine this with the current pace of Android OS development and one can easily see the Motorola Xoom being quitely dropped from store shelves before the end of the year to be replaced with the XOOM 2 just before christmas.  Especially with the potentially bad sales one would expect following the Ipad 2’s ridiculously low price point.

Then theres the apps.  My god the apps!  yes, both of them.  Compare that with 100,000 apps in the iphone app store (admittedly its mostly fart apps and similar but hey, still a nice number!).  With tablet devices being used pretty much exclusively as content devices (thanks to Apple advertising and marketing budget for that message being burned in) no apps means nothing really new to do on it.

So, in conclusion, I wanted a MOTOROLA Xoom android tablet last year, but I didn’t get it once it was released because of:

  • Price
  • Crippled flash
  • Crippled memory card ability
  • Few apps
  • Ipad 2
  • Low sales

Next time I’ll tell you the story of the Dell laptop I nearly purchased and why not to charge customers $350 for a (somewhat required to make the device ideal) screen upgrade to 1080p on a HD gaming laptop worth $1800.

But thats for another time…for now, just read the title.  Its – WHERE NERDS COME TO SLEEP, so I hope the waverly words and alice in wonderland style nonsense with a tech/gadgety slant above helped you feel sleepy(er).

Good night!

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