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Room Break Walkthrough and Guide – iPad, iPhone and Android

Room Break Escape Now walkthrough and guide for the iPad, iPhone and Android devices. The Room Break app is created by Gameday games. This guide for RoomBreak contains help, solutions and tips for completing the game puzzles, there are spoilers because this walkthrough tells you how to escape each room.

Episode 1 Love holic solution.

Room 1 Room Break Guide. Pick up the golden key on the table. This is not the key to exit and break out of the room. Pick up the brush from the dressing table near the mirror. Select the brush from your item menu. Use the brush to clean the photo near the lamp. Notice the code in the bottom right: 0817.

Tap on the safe under the dressing table. Enter the code 0817 and pull the handle down. Success, you get a key. Enter your inventory and select the key. Tap the door to unlock, then tap again to open it. Now on the right you will see a hand symbol under the pause icon. Tap this icon and choose the foot icon. Now if you click on the door you will break out of the room.


Room 2 Solution. Pick the pliers from the floor and the hanger from the rack. The hanger is near the green t-shirt. Enter your inventory and combine (MIX) the hanger and pliers together by drag and drop. This will make a hook. Use the hook under the bed to get the fan button.

Scroll the screen to the right to see the fan. Add the button to the fan to get the note: 6614. Use this code to open the safe like before. Get the key and escape the room.


Room Break Episode 1 room 3. Pick up the music box doll from near the bed. Use the music box doll on the film reel type device connected to the computer. Tap the hand under the pause button in the top right of your screen and choose the magnifying lens. Now tap the screen to see the room break message “You are my Every thing…”.

Scroll to the right and you will see the kitchen area. Open a drawer to get a golden key.  Nerdr.com.

Tap the CD bookshelf near the fan to get the CD case. You need to divide the CD case to break out of the room. To do this, go to your inventory screen and long hold on the CD case. Then drag the cd case to a new box to split it into CD and letter. Hey Jude the Beatles: 0343. You’re my everything: 0327.

We saw you are my everything on the room 3 room break computer. Enter 0327 as the code in the safe to get the weird key.

Just above the fan on the right is a wall light. Touch this wall light with the hand selected to rotate it and it will find a hidden hole. Insert the weird key into this hole. This wall looks a bit unusual and like a hammer.

Move to the kitchen area, in the second red drawer is a hammer. Use this hammer and hit the hammer symbol on the wall of room 3. You will see a symbol thing pop up. Tap the circle when the yellow circle is within it. Do this 4 times to break the wall with the hammer.

Get the key and exit the room.