Room Break Walkthrough and Guide – iPad, iPhone and Android - Page 2

Room break Episode 1 Room 4.

Open the small kitchen drawer to get the batteries. Get the golden key from the fruit. In the kitchen is a ballerina toy piece 2. On the kitchen cabinets at the top is strong glue.

On the computer desk is the ballerina toy piece 1. Mix the two ballerina pieces from your inventory screen. Then mix the glue with the ballerina model you made to really fix it.

Tap on the movie reel type thing near the computer. This is actually the music box. Now a rotation puzzle will appear in room break room 4. The best hint to the solution is to place the dark quarter of each ring in the bottom right. Of course, you should match the red beams too and line them up.

Now place the ballerina on the music box. The computer screen will turn red. A sign above the door will say “look at the monitor”.

Place the batteries in the radio near the bed and another chain will be removed from the door. One chain left.

Tap the TV a few times and it will turn itself on. Fonzy style. Now you need the key to exit the door.

The red screen doesn’t show any information on it. Use the magnifying glass on the Beetles poster on the wall to see the code 1963.

Enter 1963 as the safe code to get the key and break out of the room. You will now have a shower together. What? you’re not following the story? :)


Room break episode 1 room 5.

Pick up the gold key near the lamp. Open the fridge and get the bunch of sausages. On the floor of the kitchen is the hammer. Get the Apple from the top of the kitchen table. Lastly, in the kitchen pick up the sharp knife near the fridge.

Time to read her diary. Tap the book to open, then use the magnifying lens to read. Images of an Apple, Globe, Mirror. Sausages, Teddy and picture frame.

Open your inventory screen and divide the sausages from the key. Use this key on the door to unlock one of the barriers.

Use the hammer on the picture frame on the table. Yeah, the important one. Tap a few times with the hammer to open the hammer mini game from room 4 again. Pick up the key of mind 6 from inside the broken picture frame.

Use the hammer on the globe near the CD bookshelf to get another key of the mind. Do the same with the mirro to get key of the mind 3.

Mix the knife with the apple to get another key of the mind. Use the knife on the teddy bear to get the final key. Remember the swipes it shows you and repeat them in order after you see the word cut. The Teddy in room 5 contains key of the mind 2.

Tap the safe and it will automatically open. Get the old key from inside the safe.

Use the old key on the door and it will break. Time to break out the hammer.

Hit the door with the hammer. Then select the hammer again and hit it again. Then use the hand to open it, then walk out. Congratulations, you’ve finished episode 1 of the roombreak game.

I have enjoyed roombreak to this point. The puzzles are difficult and I don’t like the roombreak timer if you tap too much. This walkthrough and guide for room break contains cheats for the roombreak escape the room game.

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