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Ipad 2 Ebay statistics

We now have some statistics direct from Ebay headquarters regarding the Apple Ipad 2.  Heres the rundown of the stats covering 2 weeks following the US first exposure sale date of Friday, 11th of March:

  • 35% of Ipad 2 sales on Ebay were to overseas buyers.  Leaving 65% for internal to the US buyers.  Contrast this with the exact opposite last year on release of the Ipad 1 which is no doubt caused by the 6 week delay in new Ipad orders this year.
  • Total Ipad 2 sales over the 2 week period amounted to 12,000.
  • Most popular model for purchase was the Ipad 2 16GB WIFI with no 3g model (the one i’d buy!).
  • In terms of profit margins for sellers Continue reading