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Noob Guide To SEO

The Noob guide to SEO, or beginners guide to SEO is what I wish I knew when making my first website. This noob guide to online marketing covers both on-page and off-page SEO and covers only the things that actually work. Let’s get started.

Note: All SEO methods mentioned here are white hat, which means they’re fine to use and Google likes them. Stay away from black hat SEO Techniques which can get you tackled out of the search engines like Bing.com and Google.com. Gray hat sits lovingly nestled between the two and is risky. Avoid gray hat SEO tricks unless desperate. Buying SEO backlinks for cash would be a gray hat technique.

On-Page SEO part 1

For on-page SEO, pick out a main keyword to target, together with sub baby keywords. The baby keywords are niche keywords related to the main keyword and usually longer and with less traffic potential for SEO.

For example, your main keyword might be gardening furniture with sub keywords of gardening furniture for gnomes and furniture for gnomes in gardens. The main keyword is the topic you’re discussing and the sub keywords contain parts of the main keyword along with other words.

These sub keywords are important because they help you catch the “long tail” of SEO. Thats the people who search for weird stuff online that’s only mentioned on your site. It’s easy to rank highly for long tail keywords because they’re rare and rarely typed into the search engines. Use many long tail keywords for on-page SEO.

When picking a main keyword, focus on what’s most important. If you have a blog and are in the process of writing an article, stick to things your readers want to know about, do or try. How to guides are popular, as are review of Amazon merchandise.

You can use the Google keyword tool for ideas. Tick the box for exact search to see exact matches and use the global searches column to find the best keywords to target. No fear, go big or go home. Then branch out and tick the phrase box to see the general strength of that keyword. Look for high numbers and sort by global searches. Alternatively set the region in The Google keyword tool to United States and sort by local searches. Again, high number of local searches are the best keywords to target.

A minimum for global searches on the Google keyword tool for exact searches would be about 2600. At position 1 in Google that brings you about 30% of traffic per month, which is 900 unique visitors a month. 900 unique visitors a month is approximately 30 visitors a day.

Article continued on Noob guide to SEO part 2.