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What’s the Icon Answers, Cheats, Solutions

What’s the Icon answers from everyone here! The app is made by game makers Cheat Master and Friends LLC. These solutions and cheats cover the first 30 levels and have a description of each icon made pic before giving the answer.

If you want all the answers to all levels in Whats the Icon you can find that here.

Level 1 – of course it’s the Batman symbol.
Level 2 – a green man with a hat, the joker.
Level 3 – A big plane, also called a shuttle.
Level 4 – Red and blue AA (two A’s) is American.
Level 5 – Red and blue again, the Pepsi logo.
Level 6 – Man in suit thinking, this is Abe Lincoln.
Level 7 – Blue horse and a man riding with a big stick is Polo.
Level 8 – Angry man with mustache and a pink or red paper hat is Jack Sparrow. He is from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.
Level 9 – White circle with a red square is Hello Kitty. A famous cat from China that is placed on many childrens toys and swarovski jewelry.
Level 10 – Blue car logo is for Ford.

Level 11 – Scary cartoon face with big eyes is Gollum from Lord of the Rings.
Level 12 – Red angry bowling ball is the Kool Aid Man.
Level 13 – Red and white logo is Kit Kat. Did you know Japan has green tea flavor kitkat?
Level 14 – Black writing with two T and L words is Ray Ban.
Level 15 – Red and yellow circles is Mastercard.
Level 16 – Yellow square with red square inside is Kodak, the old camera company.
Level 17 – Green mermaid with a white dot background is Starbucks.
Level 18 – Red and blue cartoon character is Mario from the Super Mario Bros games.
Level 19 – A shield symbol is for Cadillac.
Level 20 – A strong man with a yellow top or hat. It might also be a red man with a yellow hat, a wrestler, or a HB pencil with a yellow eraser at the top. This is Hulk Hogan.

Whats The Icon Answers – iPad, iPhone and Android

Whats the icon answers. These are the answers for the What’s the icon app on iphone, ipad and Android. These what’s the icon cheats, hints and solutions are hor helping you finish the game. Only use these cheats when you really need them!

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