What’s the Icon Answers, Cheats, Solutions

Level 21 – Green monster is Shrek.
Level 22 – Red S in a yellow triangle is Superman.
Level 23. Big fireball with a black circle around it is Miami heat, a famous cheerleading squad.
Level 24 – A light red square with two white lines across it is Saturn. I have no idea what this logo is.
Level 25 – Small green alien in a blanket with big ears. The icon is called Yoda.
Level 26 – Tall tower that looks like a cheap cell tower is the Eiffel Tower.
Level 27 – A small animal with a big pink ear is Dumbo.
Level 28 of What’s the icon? – Dark blue triangle with small red triangle under it is Delta. Delta is a flights and travel company.
Level 29 – Angry man again with long beard. Look like a viking but is a Wizard.
Level 30 – Man with long beard again, but with a cute hat is Gandalf.

This is the end of the first 30 levels of What’s the Icon. Look out for the next 30 cheats and answers. I will add a link here when they are done, or you can look at the other post just before this with all the answers for What’s the icon in one long list.

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8 Responses to What’s the Icon Answers, Cheats, Solutions

  1. Heart shaped bread with knife, 6 letters (R G C W P E D I M S A N).

  2. Level 98 looks like its from a movie stars with d clue given is : _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ d o t a g p n w k f f w u.

  3. I’m on level 47 and it looks like Stealth but I have two words and only here’s how it looks. _ _ _ _ _
    _ _ _ K…… And only letters I have left is HWHTGNAI.

  4. Saturn is a brand of cars. Like the Saturn Ion. :).

  5. What level 2 in icomania, #25 ==green signal sign? 7 letters word XAYSOTFRPID.

  6. 27 in what icon, is not Mario or dumbo, I’m trying to figure this need help.