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Word of the Rings Answers – iPad, iPhone and Android

Word of the rings answers. This cheats guide contains all the answers for the Word of the Rings App. These cheats and solutions to the questions are in stage order, each level is on one line. Word of the Rings app is created by James Porter and these hints and tips to the answers are correct.

Word of the rings is available for free from the App store. It is for Android, iPhone, iPod touch and Android devices.

Leave a comment below if you know any of the missing answers in the guide and I will update for everyone to see.

Word of the rings answers. Bon Appetit Level Answers.

Level 1. Pie and Fry.
Dip and Cod.
Jam, Oil and Soy. There are two eyes.
Nut, Cup and Bun. Watch out for the three letter u.
Dry, Eat and Ham.
Corn and Pear.
Pate, Boil and Flan.
Bake, Veal and Sage.
Word of the rings level 9 answer. Mint, Kale, Milk, Nosh and Duck.
Taco, Bean and Herb. The other words in level 10 are Crab, Rice and Chef.
Lamb, Clam and Tofu. Other cheats are Cook, Beef and Salt.
Meat, Sear and Lime. Also includes the words Lamb, Oven and Fish.
Crepe and Torte.
Kebab, Onion and Kebab.
Fries, Yeast, Basil and Sushi.
Cream, Bacon and Mince.
Apple, Pasta and Drink. Other words are Lemon, Poach and Mango.
Slice, Sugar and Spork. Other words of the rings are Caper, Roast and Water.
Jaikon and Daicama. I have no idea what these two are and I’ve been cooking for years.
Cheese, Mussel and Garlic.
Burger, Salami and Tamale. What is tamale? Leave a comment if you know – Nerdr.
Tomato, Nectar and Peanut. Word of the Rings level 22 answer.
Sizzle, Wasabi and Shrimp. Other words in level 23 are muffin, hotdog and Loquat. What is loquat? sounds Spanish.
Potato, carrot and pickle. I was waiting the whole game for potato to appear. Finally, it does on level 24 of word of the rings.
Waffle, Savory and Cashew. Other answers are sprout, salmon and hunger.

This is the end of the Bon appetit stage of the game. The next set of answers will be for the tube stage.

Word of the rings walkthrough. The Tube answers, television shows.
Sam and Nip.
MTV, Gob and Jag. At first this answer was not recognised on my game. I had to restart the level and it worked. It must be a bug or cheat in Word of the Rings.
SNL, Ren, Vic and Ann.
Hex, Bud and Tom.
CSI, Jan, Ari, Leo.
Soap and NCIS.
Xena, Wile and Reba. I have no idea what some of these answers on Word of the rings are!