Word of the Rings Answers – iPad, iPhone and Android - Page 2

Word of the Rings Cheats. Boom stage, level 1 answers.
Pop and Bam.
Zap and Arf. This is a level of words that sound like boom.
Tsk, Yip and Lap.
Pew, Moo and Hum.
Coo and Ugh and Huh. Level 5 of Word with Rings also has Zip again.
Wham and Honk.
Oink, Bong and Howl.
Hiss, Boom and Bash are the answers for Level 8 of Words of the Ring.
Zoom, Beep and Bang.
Phew, Whip and Zing.

Word of the Ring Big Screen Answers. These cheats are for the stage with the movie titles.
Elf and Doc.
Red, Bug and Zod.
JFK, Lex and Saw. The Big screen stage of Word of the rings is all movie titles.
MIB, Hud and Ash.
Hal, Max and Big. Other answers are hop.
Tron and Jaws.
Thord, Indy and Gump. I guess gump is forrest gump.
Xmen, chet and bond.

Word of the Rings Answers. Cheats for the play ball stage of Word of the rings.
Box and Net.
Win, Jog and Mat.
Pin, Ice and Tug.
Bow, Let and Ski.
Tip, Run and Cup.
Ball and Putt.
Ring, Swim and Jump.
Crew, Luge and Hoop. Also it has the answer Bowl.
Burf, Sose and Llag. Yes, it should be Surf and Bike, but I think the word with rings guys made a mistake here.

Word of the Rings Solutions. Stage 6 Braniac answers level 1 to the end.
Bilk, Heed and Laud.
Tome, Onus and Rife. Also Ruse and Ogle are the last two answers.

Leave a comment below if you know any of the missing answers in the guide and I will update for everyone to see.

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