Startup App Review - comment page 1 also known as trap!t and trapit is a new iPad app based startup. I recommend trying it out and here’s why. I downloaded the app today on my iPad after a friend mentioned it. She knows I recently … Continue reading

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2 Responses to Startup App Review - comment page 1

  1. Thanks for the review. You can find Trapit’s privacy policy statement here:

    • Hey Gary, thanks for the link, I’ve reinstalled. You guys really have something awesome with trapit and it leaves Flipboard in the dust.

      I hope you’re tracking drops from that sign up page. I would have preferred to login as a guest until i’m sure. Also the password needing to be 8 characters long and contain a number is a waste of time on an app like this and stops me getting to the meat.

      I would have given up at both those points had I not wanted to write up a review. Maybe tie it up to device UDID and leave signup for later.